“Made in Germany” Influencer Marketing – Interview Deutsche Welle DW TV

Our Social Media Agency is now an expert on influencer marketing at Deutsche Welle DW TV. In particular, it’s about Luna Farina (18), a young singer & songwriter, whom we accompany and support in producing her own songs and music videos. With 240k followers on TikTok, more than 100k on Instagram and 60k on Youtube (music videos). In the TV show “Influencer: The I as a business model” Luna gives some insights into her work and we also give some insights into the topic: “How much do influencers actually earn?

TV contribution to the “Business Model Influencer” in the Mediathek

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Luna Farina – TikTok Channel

Source: DW TV / Mediathek

Natascha Windgaße – Artist Management / Cocaine Models x Social Media One

Stephan M. Czaja – media expert and speaker

Source: DW TV / Mediathek


Source: DW TV / Mediathek

Have you ever heard of Tik Tok? Tik Tok is one of the latest social networks and perhaps the successor to Instagram and Facebook. Tik Tok is the trend, especially among young people between the ages of 8 and 18, they are mainly present on TikTok. Already today, the app for Android and iOS is number 1 in the download charts in over 30 countries. There is now also a strong investment in Europe.

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Thus, TikTok is establishing itself as a brand and is accordingly becoming more relevant for brands from other areas. This is understandable, since today’s youth is tomorrow’s affluent target group. The platform’s target group is very, very young. A target group that becomes increasingly relevant with age, however, for us as advertisers. That is why we also arrange contacts with influencers from the next generation network.