Hot Stuff: CM Models

CM Models is, although the model agency is not yet officially on the market, already alive and kicking. CM Models polarizes the media world like no other in the metropolis on the Rhine. If you want to read more, there is a big interview about the success story on : CM Models. But also on Stylight you can find an interview about becoming a model.

NEWS > Founded in 2015 and already in 2016 CM Models is voted one of the best model agencies! 2017 also Bravo & Bravo Girl choose CM Models to the best 10 model agencies in Germany!


CM Models, from Berlin to Hamburg

Not quite four months ago, we began our work: Construction. Alongside our day-to-day media work at the agency, of course, financed it must be. We didn’t want to risk a quick market entry, instead, an agency that has the new, high quality, multimedia presence we dreamed of in the summer of 2014. A model agency with polarizing names and bright models. Not to mention, our professional team, from scouting to casting and booking. We have modern sales and marketing channels, strong media partners from web to social media. Today we already count strong and demanding fashion models to our portfolio. The file is filling up: 30 professional models, with experience and esprit.

Media & press relations, agency & TV appearance

Now what? Media and press work, a lot of media work and press work. Besides the classic communication channels to fashion agencies, fashion labels, designers or even casting agencies, we, as a model agency, naturally have a high demand on digital media. Thanks to our strong media partners, we can score highly in the area of social media. We already have over 1000 fans (thank you!) on our Facebook fanpage. And it goes on, we will expand our basement for communication in social media. Furthermore, we have strong media contacts, will then be featured in a TV format in 2015, with extensive coverage and the first two interviews. Again, we are moving forward to get more media partners excited about CM Models from the start.

Now Christmas is coming and I wanted to go on holiday (only once). But that is cancelled, because we are expanding! At the beginning of 2015, we want to completely renew our media presence, improve internal structures, and expand our model portfolio a bit, especially with strong character male models. To this end, we will restructure and professionalize in terms of personnel. A lot of all-encompassing words, a lot of work. But, so we will be well prepared for the coming year to make CM Models known throughout Germany.

Further information

You can also visit us on other social networks like YouTube and Instagram, on our model agency accounts on the social web: exclusive footage, backstage shots and new sedcards. For press inquiries and more, please feel free to contact me at any time.