Photo studios & photo shoots in Germany – 11Photographers in interview

The perfect photo shoot, the most beautiful photo studios – all this can now be found on 11Photographers in Berlin, Munich, Cologne and 6 other studios in Germany. With ambition and ambition we accompany the way of the studio photography chain and the modern concept around high quality photography. No matter where, with 11Photographers you get the perfect pictures, all over Germany. Whether Berlin, Hamburg or Munich – portrait, couple, family or business. We wanted to know a little more and met the two founders of 11Photographers, Tim Konetzki and David Malek, for an interview.

What is the concept behind 11Photographers?

Very intensive care of the customer starting with the purchase process, through the personal conversation before the photo shoot to the individual and familiar care during the photo shoot experience. We already try to be as specific as possible in our product range to each individual customer request. At times we have 44 different products that we offer. Tendency rising! In addition, we offer a unique appointment booking tailored for our customers. Our booking portal has the advantage that every customer can book his desired appointment for every location online 24 hours/ 7 days a week. We do not use any third-party online appointment booking solutions, but have developed and programmed this tool in-house. Our customers are informed about every step through the online purchase process up to the appointment booking by e-mail.

On site, the customer is attended to personally and individually by three employees. Thus, each customer individually receives exactly the performance / images that he wants. Our highest goal is customer satisfaction. Because only someone who is satisfied with a service to a high degree, communicates his experience to friends and acquaintances. Our Make Up Artists work among other things also for well-known TV productions, beauty shows etc. This level of professionalism benefits every customer who buys a photo shoot experience from us. The added value for the customer is not only beautiful pictures, but rather the experience factor. During the photo shoot, the customer is always our focus.

Photo shoots for families, couples and singles – the offer

The offer of photo studios includes various thematic areas – from wedding photography to business shooting for business men and women:

How did the idea for this photo studio project come about?

This is relatively easy to explain. When we went to a photo studio to have beautiful family or job application pictures taken, we were often more than just annoyed afterwards. The quality, the care or especially the execution have left more than to be desired. Even baby pictures were a disaster, to say the least. It is our passion to capture this beautiful time in pictures combined with an experience character. We do not want to generalize this experience, the gap between the different providers is too wide. And that’s exactly why we want to offer a service without any discrepancy in quality, whether in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Cologne. A startup was born out of this experience.

How did the name 11Photographers evolve?

11Photographers is a nationwide community of professionals in the industry, spread over 11 cities throughout Germany. We do not see ourselves as a chain of photo studios. It was important to us that our understanding of cooperation is also reflected in the brand name. Because every single person in the team makes 11Photographers. In short, it has to be round, like our logo.

What packages are available for clients? What photography or shooting styles are offered?

We have created several product categories for our customers to roughly represent what range of services we currently offer. Not to forget, we work very personally and individually with each customer, so that every wish, as far as it and possible, can be fulfilled.

Berlin, Hamburg, Munich… In which cities do you work?

You can currently find us in the cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Hanover and Stuttgart. We are already working meticulously on the opening of further locations such as Frankfurt am Main, Leipzig, Dresden and Nuremberg. However, it is important to us that we grow healthily and thus maintain the high quality standards that we set for ourselves at all times.

From the customer’s point of view: How does 11Photographers work, explain the path from the choice of shooting to the shooting?

A customer visits our website and gets an overview of our products and chooses his preferred photo shooting experience and decides on the package that best suits him and puts it in the shopping cart.

Here we offer our customers another special service. Since our site has SSL – encryption, we guarantee our customers the highest possible data security in online payment transactions. In addition, we are the first in the industry to offer the “Online cash payment”. This means that you buy a product as described above and receive a payment slip by e-mail or code by SMS and can then pay with this in any payment office in your area. (For example, DM. Real, Telekom Store, Penny, Mobilcom Debitel Store and many more).

After you have paid for the photo shoot, you will receive an order confirmation and a code for the appointment and a free PDF voucher. You can use this as a gift idea, for love, for a birthday or simply as a thank you. With this code, you can easily and conveniently select a desired date in your city and make a binding booking on our website online 24/7. Should you not find a suitable date, we have a waiting list for the respective city, in which you can register with one click. As soon as new dates are available, you will be the first to be informed by e-mail and phone. If your desired date has been booked bindingly, we will contact you by phone 1-2 days before your photo shooting experience to give you tips and suggestions along the way.

Upon entering the photo studio, the customer is met by our supervisor and receives a welcome drink (sparkling wine, coffee, water, soft drinks). After a short preliminary talk, the customer is made up by our make-up artist according to his ideas and the hair is styled. Afterwards there is a personal type consultation of outfits and accessories that achieve the best effect in the pictures. At the end there is a comprehensive feedback discussion.

What are the future plans for 11Photographers?

Our future plans are to be represented by a site in every city over 400,000 inhabitants in Germany by the end of 2016.

So far, the chain’s photo studios are located in the following German cities:

More information about photo shoots & photo studios at 11Photographers: