Lukinski provider comparison 2023: Real estate, credit, follow-up financing, call money + more.

From saving you learn to become rich! Here you will not only find all the important know-how about your real estate investment (such as the investment atlas), here you will also find the best providers 2023! Building savings, real estate loan, forward loan, but also call money, time deposit for those who want to play it safe. But I also recommend a look at new technologies, such as Roboadvisor (automated, active wealth management). Now in Lukinski Check 2023.

Lukinski Check 2023

In my comparison portal you will find the most important topics and good providers. For your construction financing, follow-up financing and much more! Secure good conditions with my provider check 2023:

Financing: providers in comparison

The A&O in real estate investment: Finance favorably!

Investment: providers in comparison

Building equity means saving and investing money. Here are my tips:

Property: insurance and sale

Lastly, 2 practical comparisons for real estate owners:

From saving you learn to become rich!

What does that mean?! Simply put, every euro you save in interest, for example, you can reinvest directly as a smart investor. Each Euro corresponds to ~ 20% equity capital for the first, second real estate purchase. So 1 Euro with credit becomes 6 Euro that you can invest. 100 Euro interest saved = 600 Euro more equity, 1,000 Euro = 6,000 Euro more equity, etc.


  • 100.000 Euro loan at 2% interest
  • 1. year = 2.000 Euro interest costs
  • 2nd year = 1,960 Euro interest cost
  • 39.130,36 Euro interest costs !!!


  • Compare offer / provider is worthwhile
  • Interest is cost factor #1 after the purchase price of the property

Tip! Check for yourself how much interest you can expect to pay year after year at only 2% interest costs in the repayment plan calculator (below).

Repayment plan Example: 2% at 35 years maturity

Here is an example of financing at 2% over a 35-year term.

You can find more calculators on