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Current account providers in comparison 2023

Current account explained

A checking account is a banking service that is usually available to any bank member. What are the advantages & disadvantages of a current account and different offers in comparison.

Guidebook Content:

  1. Online calculator: Current account
  2. What is a current account?
  3. Who is entitled to a current account
  4. Other services

The most important facts about the current account

  • Common account type
  • No interest
  • Enables fast cash flow
  • Accessible for every bank member
  • Additional offers, such as bank cards, etc.

Current account calculator

What is a current account?

A current account is a traditional type of account accessible to any person with legal capacity. In this regard, a current account does not serve to earn interest or to save money, but merely to facilitate business transactions and are therefore interest-free.

Who is entitled to a current account?

As a rule, every member of a bank is entitled to a current account. As a rule, the current account is opened automatically upon joining a bank.

Functions & Services

As a user, you are entitled to the basic banking services offered, such as checking account, payment card and online banking credentials. Credit accounts or various credit cards are not covered by basic banking services.

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