Partial sale with Deutsche Teilkauf (test winner): Calculator Check! Valuation + costs with part purchase

1st place in the large part sale provider comparison and test winner for conditions: Deutsche Teilkauf! In our evaluation, the main focus was on the conditions and calculators. These are 1) user fee [for sold share] and the 2) consideration of the increase in value, in the total sale [optional]. The conditions at a glance (source: calculator

User fee: 241 € / month / 2,89 %⬠p.a.

  • Share: 20%
  • User fee: 241 Euro

Usage fee after partial sale in %:

  • User fee / year = 2,892 euros
  • % p.a. = 2.89

Calculate your property value yourself, on Deutsche Teilkauf.

Total sales: + 41.53 % increase in value

Total sale at Deutsche Partial purchase after 15 years, incl. appreciation and fees.

  • Value in 15 years: 699,128 euros
  • Residual share: 566,103 euros
  • Fee: No implementation fee
  • Second disbursement: 566,103 euros

Value appreciation and fees in %:

  • Increase in value: 41.53
  • Fees: 0 %â¬
  • Second payout: 41.53

The total revenue is thus (in 15 years) 566,103 euros.

Valuation of German part purchase

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Big house, big apartment, but “little money to live”? This partial sale provider comparison saves you 1-2 hours of searching, calculating and “understanding differences”. Here you will learn about all the major providers, their costs, fees and the test winner. Value factor, house anchor, Engel & Völkers, value purchase, house provision, home capital or even German partial purchase, how do the conditions and subsequent costs(user fee) of the individual providers differ? Here is a look at the most important providers in the market – all important calculators, a comparison of the monthly user fee. Tip. After the comparison, we take a look at the question: Partial sale makes sense?

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