Depot comparison

Depot providers in comparison 2023

Depot explained

A custody account is a place to store your securities. Through a customer account at a custodian bank, your securities are managed digitally. Compare the best custody account providers here!

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  1. Calculator: Depot comparison
  2. What is a depot?
  3. How does a securities account work?

The most important thing about the depot

  • A securities account is a warehouse for securities
  • Shares or fonts are kept in a securities account
  • Branch banks, direct banks and online brokers offer securities accounts
  • The deposit credit can be used for the acquisition of further securities

Depot comparison

What is a depot?

A securities account is a place to store your securities. If you want to invest your money in shares, fonts & co. you need a securities account. You can open a securities account with an online broker, a direct bank or a branch bank.

How does a securities account work?

If you know your way around and want to trade on your own responsibility, you should choose an online broker or a direct bank as your investment location. Here you engage in securities trading without investment advice.

If you want to benefit from expert advice, you should open a securities account at your chosen branch bank. Here, a bank advisor will handle securities trading for you.