Rental deposit explained

Does it make sense to have a rent deposit? The rent deposit is an advance payment by the tenant as security for the landlord. Everything about the rent deposit in this article.

In this guidebook:

  1. Calculator & comparison: rent deposit
  2. Rent deposit comparison
  3. What is a rent deposit
  4. Consequences in case of non-payment

Rental deposit: What to consider?

What should you look for in a rental deposit?

  • Advance payments from tenants
  • Protection for landlords
  • Protection against rental damage
  • Also possible as a guarantee or insurance

Rental deposit calculator

What is a rental deposit?

A rental deposit is security that the landlord must deposit before the tenant moves in. It serves to protect the landlord and his property from possible damage to the rental property, for example if the tenant does not pay rent or ancillary costs, does not carry out agreed cosmetic repairs or damages the rental property.

Consequences of non-payment of the deposit

If the tenant fails to pay the deposit, the landlord may terminate the lease without notice. A prior warning is not required.

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