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Follow-up financing calculator: providers in comparison – free check

Inflation high, interest rates rising: Real estate loan & follow-up financing tips

Inflation high, interest rates rising – Inflation is higher than it has been for decades! The consequence: Rising interest rates for loans. What to do when inflation is high and interest rates are rising? The best idea: buy real estate and do it quickly to secure the favorable interest rates now. What only 1% interest […]

Viva la inflation! Demonetization and real estate financing for owners

Today in the news: USA over 5% inflation! The great spectre of inflation is back. Inflation means “devaluation of money.” What, my money is worth less? A shock to everyone, but not to everyone. Home buyers with loans rejoice over inflation! Money is worth less = goods cost more money to make up for the […]

Loft apartment: Exclusive living in an industrial look? Advantages & disadvantages, costs and tips

Buy a loft apartment – You want to buy an apartment or sell an apartment? Then you should know about the respective apartment type! No matter whether old building, penthouse or maisonette. Here you can find out everything about lofts. Especially in big cities like New York or London lofts were built for the first […]

Additional Costs – Buying House in Germany, Property Investment, Hidden Fees, More

Additional costs in Germany – It can be maddening trying to understand the German real estate laws and regulations. Below we explain the most important additional costs, and hidden fees which you may not know about. This short how-to guide should let you know a lot about what to consider when buying a house in […]

Real estate balance sheet / profitability: income properties, real estate purchase and cash flow optimisation

Real estate balance (Source: Alex Fischer) – Do you want others to help build your wealth? In this video, you’ll learn how certain income properties can give you another six for every one you pay! A comprehensive look at the economic part of real estate, both for cash investors, those who buy real estate for […]

Loans: Debt contract, Loan Interest & Advances

Loan – By definition, a loan is a debt contract in which the lender provides the borrower with money or an item of property temporarily and the borrower then repays the value provided plus the agreed loan interest. Compared to a loan, a loan usually involves a larger volume of money and is granted for […]

Annuity Loans: Explanation, Advantages, Disadvantages, and Repayment Schedule

Annuity Loans – This type of loan has replaced mortgage financing and is now considered the classic, solid and most frequently chosen form of mortgage financing. This type of construction financing provides you with several advantages and gives you security, as you pay a continuous amount for a fixed agreed term, which consists of the […]

Creditworthiness check: Possibilities, buyers, experience and what is being checked?

Checking creditworthiness – One of the most important tasks before every rental is to check the creditworthiness of prospective tenants. As an owner, you naturally want to be sure that there will be no loss of rent in the future and no resulting economic losses for you. If you use a real estate agent, you […]

Real estate financing: loan types, interest rates, comparison + free calculator

Real estate loan & financing – You want to fulfill your dream of owning your own home, a condominium, a building plot or a commercial property? Then the right choice of real estate loan decides how high the interest burden and thus the total cost of your real estate loan. Even when choosing a real […]

Construction interest rate comparison for your property – repayment rate, interest rate comparison & various influencing factors

Building interest comparison for your real estate – building interest or also mortgage interest, of different credit institutes need you, in order to be able to lock a construction financing. The comparison is important to find the best and cheapest construction financing for their dream property. Especially the Internet offers an incredible number of financing […]

Discount – definition, discount & calculate

Disagio – Disagio or as a synonym Damnum or Abgeld cheapens the initial interest rate of a loan when buying a property. By definition, a person is granted a loan and a discount of the loan is retained, this sum is called a discount. The sum acts as a prepayment of interest. In return, the […]