Government funding – modernization, energy saving & in English

State subsidy – A state subsidy refers to financial support from the state. There are many different aspects to the modernization or purchase of real estate, for example, for energy saving measures. It is important to inform yourself in detail before investing, i.e. whether and how high a subsidy will be. When buying or building a house, subsidies are possible. In addition, benefits can be paid for certain heating systems and windows in order to create incentives to make expensive but energy-saving technologies attractive. There are also subsidies for solar systems, but these have been cut back in recent years. If you want to talk to an English speaker about the topic, it is interesting for you to know that state promotion is called “state promotion” in English.

Overview of state funding

  • Financial support for modernisation or purchase of real estate
  • Promotion of energy-saving technologies
  • The amount of the subsidy is variable
  • English – “state promotion

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