Home insurance explained

Homeowner’s insurance protects your property from damage in many areas. For example, it protects against storm damage or theft. You can find a comparison of home insurance policies in this guide.

Guidebook Content:

  1. Comparison & Calculator: Home Insurance
  2. What is homeowner’s insurance?
  3. How does the home insurance

The most important facts about household insurance

  • Protects real estate from damage
  • Secures the value of your objects
  • Protection against fire, water, storm & ice damage
  • Protects against theft
  • Value of the damage is replaced by the insurance

Home insurance calculator

What is homeowner’s insurance?

A household insurance offers protection against all damages around your property. It thus insures your property against fire, water and storm damage, as well as glazing insurance or damage from private theft or through vandalism.

The damage at a glance:

  • Fire
  • Burglary
  • Storm and hail
  • Tap water
  • Overvoltage
  • Lightning strikes
  • Explosion & Implosion

How homeowner’s insurance works

Homeowner’s insurance provides compensation in case of the above mentioned damages. You will be reimbursed the value of the damaged areas in the form of money. It is important to keep the receipts of the insured objects, so that the exact value can be reimbursed.