Designer villa in Marbella for 2.95 million euros: lots of light, pool & waterfall

Designer villa in Marbella for 2,950,000m euros – I may present you today this exclusive villa! This villa is something very special, it is not just “only” built, it is planned, thought out! A house for the day, a house for the night, an inviting, large swimming pool and its own 10 meter waterfall. What more could you want? Today I take you to one of the most exclusive villas in Marbella City, with 1,320 m² at a price of almost 3 million euros. Welcome to Marbella!

Location in Marbella: Hotspot and “Tropical

Marbella offers one of the most exclusive locations in Europe for property buyers. Many refer to Marbella as the “Miami of Europe”. Why? There are over 100 golf courses in the immediate vicinity. You can get to the airport in 30, 40 minutes, the climate and weather are pleasant and warm all year round. Mykonos, Mallorca, Ibiza, Monaco and Marbella. Even stars like Christiano Ronaldo are said to have bought here. Marbella is one of the hotspots in the Mediterranean.

Villa at a glance

First of all, the most important key figures of the villa at a glance:

  • Purchase price in dollars: $ 3,480,000
    Purchase price in Euro: € 2.950.000
    Purchase price in pounds: £ 2,550,000
    Purchase price in Swiss francs: CHF 3,190,000
  • Area in SqFt: 14,208
    Area in m²: 1,302
  • Living space in SqFt: 6.275
    Living space in m²: 583
  • Bedrooms: 6; Bathrooms: 6

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Are you interested in a villa in Marbella? Here you will find the exposé of the villa, in Lukinski Home:

The Villa: Exclusive with day and night house

First of all the facts of the property: The villa is situated on a total area of 1.302 m² and offers a living area of 583 m².

The villa (new construction) is located in one of the most exclusive locations in Marbella, directly above the “Golden Mile”, in the heart of the city. The Golden Mile is above the “beach and city area” and stretches up the mountain (Shell Mountain).

The higher the location, the more exclusive the villas.

The entire neighborhood is only accessible by checkpoint, so the area offers an extremely safe location, day or night.

This one, not only stands higher up, so also very safe, the villa itself rises on a small promontory, so it has an absolutely unobstructed location / view. Perfect view to the mountains and at the same time, over the Mediterranean Sea and Marbella’s city center, for example from the rooftop terrace of the day house. But more about that in a moment.

First of all, a special feature, the villas in the area, are all built in the Spanish style, accordingly, there is a very different flair in this neighborhood, as in a complete new development. While this property is an ultra modern statement in the neighborhood.

Already in front of the house, at the entrance, one is at first lost for words, especially if one is not used to this amount of palm trees. Privacy screen but also shade.

Property: Architecture Highlight

Property – the property itself seems at first, as from one cast, but is divided into a larger house, for the morning and evening and a smaller house, for the day. Both areas are connected, with roofing. That’s how you live in Spain, especially in areas like Ibiza and Marbella, house and land have partly flowing transitions.

Day house and evening house

The day house is divided into two central areas and a rooftop terrace, standing above. Work and or live, eat with friends or family and to space and free space, upstairs on the terrace.

The evening house is designed for the evening, night and morning. Here you will find a total of 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms. The individual areas in this house do not waste too much space, leaving plenty of room and area for the garden, swimming pool and day house.

Equipment and extras

Extras at a glance:

  • Alert
  • High level
  • Air conditioning
  • Furnished
  • Elevator
  • Floor Air Conditioner
  • New building
  • Garden
  • Swimming pool
  • Sea view
  • Modern technology

Swimming pool and waterfall

The pool does not run across the house, as most do, but it stretches away from the house, towards the Mediterranean Sea. This gives the pool something stately, through the clever use of space. The ultimate highlight, however, is an approximately 10 meter long artificial waterfall. When the waterfall is in operation, it radiates a charming atmosphere over the entire property, almost as if you were in the forest and would hear the splashing, or even better the murmur, of a stream.

This is how you bring the sea and the water directly into your home.

Marbella: Villa, climate and a new home?

Perfect location, in the middle of Marbella, above the Golden Mile. Unobstructed views, down to the beach, the city centre and of course up towards the shell mountain. Did you know? In Marbella, they say that Shell Mountain, always keeps the bad weather away from the city. The heat from the interior, but also clouds and rain. So Marbella always has a pleasant, warm climate and the year is almost exclusively sunny days.

The special division into two different sectors, the spacious outdoor area with stately pool and waterfall, that makes this property so special.

Free space for singles, couples and entrepreneurs, as well as for the family.

Pictures say more than 1000 words. All photos can be found in the gallery, at the top!

Tip. Renting – Also, always important in hotspots like Marbella, renting during the time they are not on site. Many are in Marbella (Miami of Europe) especially during the cold winter months. In the summer, many of the villas are rented at good prices, so for you, good returns in vacancy!

Marbella: location and map (macro)

Here’s a quick look at the location of Marbella in the south of Spain, near Gibraltar, the southernmost point of mainland Europe.

Marbella offers:

  • Only 40 minutes to the airport (Málaga)
  • Over 100 golf courses nearby
  • Mediterranean Sea and first class climate

Micro-perspective: City

At a closer look you can see the typical city construction, along the coast.

Are you interested in a villa in Marbella? Here you will find the exposé of the villa, in Lukinski Home:

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