KfW Special German Loan – How & When to use, for Whom + More

Construction Loans – KfW loans are an important and cost-saving component of construction financing in Germany. As a private real estate buyer you can profit from these subsidized loans and decide on an optimal supplementary component of your construction financing. An exclusive promotion over a KfW loan is impossible, since the Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau only finances certain components.

KfW Loan: Effective Relief for Construction Financing

Would you like to renovate your home to make it more energy efficient or to make it suitable for the elderly? Then experts will find a suitable KfW loan on your behalf that will noticeably lower your total interest rate on a building or real estate loan.

    • What is a KfW loan?
    • Who gets a KfW credit?
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    • When can I apply for a KfW loan?

Terms and Use

Financing your own home in two ways is a very practical and inexpensive option, as you always benefit from a KfW loan and choose the best interest rate within your mortgage.

5 and 10 year Terms

A KfW loan is a annuity loan that is designed like a classic construction loan in its components. Depending on the support program, the KfW loan can run between 5 and 10 years and convince you with a fixed debit interest rate. If the financing interest rate rises within this period, your KfW loan is not affected by this change.

You can make your construction financing economically more efficient by financing the highest possible amount via the KfW and in return reduce your actual construction financing amount.

Support Program has 3 Advantages

Depending on the support program, a KfW loan has three basic advantages. You receive an unbeatably low interest rate, benefit from graceful start-up years and from grants that you receive as part of a grant and do not have to repay. Especially the initial phase of a loan repayment requires you to make a major change with a noticeable additional financial burden.

While you have to repay the construction financing from the first month of the term, you can benefit from one to five years of repayment freedom with a KfW loan. You only start paying off the loan after the initial term has expired and then pay the monthly constant installment at the favorable interest rate. Keep in mind that the monthly installment increases from the 4th year of repayment.

Interest far below the interest rate of the Building Loan

Nevertheless, a KfW loan is always worthwhile because the interest rate is far below the interest rate of the building loan and because you benefit from innovative support programs with redemption-free subsidies.

When and for Whom is a KfW loan Suitable?

When deciding on a KfW loan, you should not only be aware of the advantageous special features but also of the additional factors that need to be taken into account. You do not apply for a KfW loan directly at the “Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau”, but at an onlending bank (“durchleitende Bank”). For KfW loans of more than 30,000 euros, the bank making the transfer makes an entry in the land register. In the case of lower subsidies, the entry in the land register is not made in principle.

Carry out Follow-up Financing

In addition to the initial financing with the additional module of the KfW promotion, you have the possibility to make your follow-up financing with a KfW loan. With a KfW loan, you ultimately always decide to finance your property with two different loans that are separate from each other but still build on each other.

The complexity of a professional construction financing tailored to your needs and the best conditions should not be underestimated.

Tip! KfW loan for Modern Heating System

Did you know? Example: oil heating. Here, the KfW Bank promotes individual measures with its program 152, which result in higher energy efficiency and a reduction of energy costs. Not only the replacement of the oil heating system is thus promoted, but also the installation of highly efficient circulation pumps and a circulation pump.

Extras are also available for solar systems. Within the range of in and two-family houses a lump sum for the building of a solar plant of 2.000 euro can be requested, which serve both for the water heating and for the heater support. This flat rate applies to solar systems up to 14 square meters. With a size of 15 to 40 square meters 140 euro per square meter are granted at gross collector surface.

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