Trier: House and apartment for sale – Prices, tips & expert checklist

House & apartment for sale in Trier – Not far from Luxembourg, in the southernmost part of Germany and directly in the Moselle wine region, lies the city of Trier, which was already founded in Roman times. Numerous architectural monuments, such as the Porta Nigra, are witnesses of the past and characterise Trier’s townscape. As the oldest city in Germany and the heart of the wine region, Trier exerts an enormous attraction on visitors from all over the world. It is not uncommon for visitors to become new residents of Trier, succumbing to the city’s charm and embarking on a property search.

High demand, good selling price: what to wait for?

Owners who want to sell their house or apartment in Trier, have good chances of a timely realization of their project due to the high demand. There are various reasons for the sale of houses and apartments. For example, the sale can be put on the agenda if a property is inherited and not needed for personal use. Also a divorce or a professional move and financial bottlenecks can be considered as a reason for the sale of real estate.

Property owners who want to sell professionally and get the sale price they want should rely on local brokerage. Investing in a real estate agency like Lukinski ensures an effective and stress-free sale. Those who want to sell privately and offer their property without the help of a real estate agency quickly fall into cost traps or realize in the course of the transaction that the matter is more complex than suspected.

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Selling price in Trier: Realistic valuation

How high can I set the selling price for a condominium in Trier? Depending on the square metre of the apartment, properties in Trier currently fetch between €40,000 and €765,000. The price per square metre currently fluctuates between €3,400 for apartments up to around 35sqm. For larger properties of 120sqm or more in Trier, you can currently achieve an average price of €3,650 per square metre. The average price for an 80 sqm apartment in Trier, for example, is 3,540 euros. Depending on the district, the price varies, of course. You want to know exactly what your house or apartment in Tier is worth? Simply contact us for a free valuation from our real estate agent for Trier.

  • Apartment sales on average: €40,000 to €765,000
  • Price per square metre (up to 35 sqm): 3,400 euros
  • Price per square metre (from 120 sqm): 3,650 euros
  • Price per square metre (average): 3,540 euros
  • Increase (small town average) compared to previous year: 13.7

Currently popular with buyers (in addition to the city centre) are the districts of Tarforst, Heiligkreu, Feyen, Euren and Olewig. Likewise, Trier South is generally very popular for buyers – correspondingly high profits can now be achieved for sellers.

Private sale by the owner – profitable or not?

Once the thought has been made and the property in Trier is to be sold, you as the owner are faced with one of the first and most important questions. Should you take care of the sale yourself or is it better to hire a real estate agent and have your condominium, house or land sold by an expert? When selling privately, you should carefully consider in advance whether you are up to the numerous tasks and the accompanying stress.

You need a lot of time to plan the property sale and make the necessary preparations. As the seller, you need to gather all the necessary documents, have the energy certificate drawn up, organise the development plan and the cadastral map for prospective buyers to view and, if you want to do it properly, commission a valuation.

Cost traps and time wasters

These tasks already result in some costs, of which the energy certificate and the market value assessment quickly become a cost trap at well over 1,000 euros. But these expenses are not yet the proverbial end of the line. Every advertisement in a real estate portal puts new costs on your agenda. If you want to sell successfully and promptly, you should advertise your property in all known portals and respond to enquiries from interested parties without waiting.

You will need a lot of time when it comes to planning and organising the viewing appointments. If you have designed the exposé in a high-quality and appealing way and set a convincing sales price, potential buyers will not be long in coming.

Selling a house can quickly become your main business, or at the very least, cause your free time, time with family, and hobbies to be significantly reduced. For most owners, selling a house is the biggest financial sale in their lives. There are a lot of emotions and memories associated with the house or apartment, which clouds the view for a neutral consideration and leads to uncertainty in negotiations. There are definite advantages to trusting the services of a local real estate agency and hiring a professional to handle the sale.

What influence the market value has on the offer price

If you want to learn what real estate buyers primarily look for and what influence the sales price has on interest, we have a simple tip. Put yourself in the position of a buyer and look at your exposé, the description and illustration of the property, as well as the offer price not from your perspective as an owner. This method is optimal to get a first impression of the effect and to find out whether you as a buyer see a relevance between the offer price and the property.

Market value is not the same as property value

At Lukinski, we know that many times owners without sales experience assume that fair market value is pure property value. This is a mistake that leads to delayed sales due to overpricing or offering below the current fair market value, resulting in financial loss. Fair market value is the basis of the sale price, calculated by taking into account a whole range of factors. For example, the size and furnishings of the house or apartment, the year of construction and the state of modernisation, but also aspects relevant to the surrounding area are taken into account.

Modernisation, infrastructure and local comparables

The infrastructure and the location are also taken into account. From the sum of all factors, a value is determined that provides information about the likely achievable sales price. Experienced brokers know the demand and the supply, analyse the market and carry out the valuation of your condominium, your plot of land or your home with the utmost care. With tact and know-how, local comparable properties are consulted and compared with the market value of your property. Afterwards, you can fix an offer price together with the expert and be sure that the offer reflects the real market value and therefore does not become a slow seller or a losing deal.

Offer to owner-occupiers or capital investors?

This decision depends on both the property and the location of your property in Trier. A home of one’s own or a two-family house in the countryside is more suitable for owner-occupiers, while a condominium or apartment building in the city is definitely interesting for investors. Once you have made your decision, your orientation will be taken into account in the preparation of the exposé. If you explicitly focus on capital investors, some special features have to be considered in the address and in the property description. Properties that are sold for owner-occupancy can be sold best with an emotional description.

If, on the other hand, you want to appeal to an investor, the yield-based factors play an overriding role. Both rented and unrented properties are suitable as investments.

In practice, it has been shown that secure rental income from existing tenants plays a much less important role for investors than assumed. Concrete, fully verifiable details of refurbishments, documentation of the standard and fittings, details of the infrastructure and ownership are more conducive to decision-making. In the case of a house, it is sufficient to prove your ownership rights by means of the extract from the land register, thus providing the potential buyer with proof that it is not a community of heirs and owners. This aspect should also not be underestimated in the case of sales for owner-occupation. The fact is, however, that when selling real estate to owner-occupiers, you can certainly provide emotional descriptions, while convincing an investor with concrete facts.

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Selling a condominium in Trier: a very complex challenge

Compared to the sale of a house in Trier, the sale of a condominium presents special hurdles. If the apartment is located in a complex with several owners, a private sale of an apartment can drag on due to various difficulties and cost you nerves. Before you start the sale, discussions with the owners’ association are necessary. The minutes of the owners’ meeting are also required when selling this apartment and are among the documents that are of enormous importance.

Most apartment owners react with astonishment when it comes to the request to introduce the potential buyer and to present detailed proofs of creditworthiness during the conversation with the management. As an owner, you do not decide alone on a buyer, but must integrate the management or the community.

Can a rejection be made? Credit check of the buyer

A rejection may occur if the creditworthiness of the potential buyer does not match the financial expenses for maintenance or modernization of the facility. In this case, a mere confirmation of the financing of the purchase of the apartment is not sufficient. Due to the complexity of selling condominiums, it is advisable to hire a real estate agency with expertise and leave the negotiations, document procurement and the sale itself in experienced hands. Many owners have had the experience when selling the apartment from private that a buyer may be considered based on his financial background, but is still rejected after the presentation to the property management.

If the new owner’s intended use does not fit in with the community’s ideas, the applicant is usually not accepted. This is often the case, for example, if the new owner wants to purchase the purchased apartment as an investment property and then rent it out. To meet these and other challenges with professionalism, the sale of your condo should take you directly to a local real estate agency like Lukinski. This way, you will avoid unnecessary delays and have peace of mind that the sale will be handled smoothly and to your satisfaction.

Trier: Facts & figures on the population

More about the city, events and recommendations? You can find more information on the official site of the city of Trier. More statistics can be found here: Real Estate Statistics.

Population and development

Local districts with area and number of inhabitants (primary and secondary residence). More facts and figures about Trier can be found here (source): Wikipedia / Trier.

No. Local district
with associated districts
in hectares
31 Dec. 2006
31 Dec. 2013
31 Dec. 2015
11 Mitte/Gartenfeld (Old Town, Gartenfeld) 297,8 12.648 12.256 12.213
12 North (Nells Ländchen, Maximin) 376,9 14.256 13.628 16.161
13 South (Barbara, Matthias) 172,2 9.409 9.386 9.226
21 Ehrang/Quint (Ehrang, Quint) 2.613,4 9.397 9.133 8.973
22 Pfalzel 235,0 3.558 3.543 3.504
23 Biewer 518,6 1.985 1.860 1.829
24 Ruwer/Eitelsbach (Ruwer, Eitelsbach) 916,7 3.142 3.020 2.922
31 West/Pallien (Pallien, Trier-West) 848,8 7.117 7.053 7.077
32 Your 1.318,9 4.116 4.271 8.000
33 Zewen 749,6 3.695 3.564 3.508
41 Olewig 310,0 3.312 3.076 3.120
42 Kürenz (Old Kürenz, New Kürenz) 582,5 8.578 9.567 9.867
43 Tarforst 418,4 6.827 6.688 6.498
44 Filsch 160,1 830 836 928
45 Irsch 408,2 2.410 2.290 2.258
46 Kernscheid 376,8 999 936 933
51 Feyen/Weismark (Feyen, Weismark) 509,5 5.845 5.866 6.043
52 Heiligkreuz (Old Heiligkreuz, New Heiligkreuz) 203,6 6.766 6.676 6.696
53 Mariahof 704,0 3.212 3.031 3.001
city of Trier 11.721,0 108.102 106.680 112.757

Key figures of the city: Inhabitants and area

  • Federal state: Rhineland-Palatinate
  • Altitude: 136 m above sea level
  • Surface area: 117.13 km2
  • Population: 110,636 (Dec. 31, 2018)
  • Population density: 945 inhabitants per km2
  • Postal codes: 54290-54296; Area code: 0651
  • License plate number: TR
  • City division: 19 municipal districts

Source: Wikipedia / Trier.

Municipality: Address & Directions

Questions about renovation, new construction and Co. You can also get tips from the city administration. Here is the address of the city administration: Am Augustinerhof in 54290 Trier.

Your success through local real estate agents – Lukinski

Whether it’s a house, an apartment or a plot of land, selling real estate involves numerous classic real estate agent tasks and a high level of responsibility.

Errors in planning or market value assessment, exposés that are not informative and many other aspects influence the attractiveness of your property in the eyes of potential buyers. If you invest in professional services and hire Lukinski as your local real estate agency, you can sit back and let an expert handle the sale of the property. Who buys the property is up to you. We do the preliminary work and are a serious and experienced partner for owners from the first meeting to the handover of the property.

Are you looking for an adequate solution? Call us and tell us about your house or condominium! We realize the sale on your behalf and support you so that the sale of your property remains in positive memory. You avoid cost traps, exclude mistakes in the process and achieve the sales price that you agreed with us in advance.

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