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No-person GmbH – inheritance, donation, termination & other causes

No-Person GmbH – The model for a GmbH without shareholders! By appointing new shareholders or leaving existing shareholders, the limited company model you choose can easily change. Whether it’s a one-person company, a two-person limited company or even a company that operates without shareholders at all…. In either case, there are specifics you should be […]

Inherited house – own use, rent or sell?

A house is a “big” inheritance, facing a large amount of money and with responsibilities. In openly communicating families, you as the heir do not have to consider whether you should accept the house or disclaim the inheritance. If you do not know whether the house is encumbered with a major land charge or mortgage […]

Inheritance and Inheritance in Germany: Real Estate Statistics & Studies

Until now, inheritances in Germany were assumed to be up to 300 billion euros (as reported by Der Spiegel). At the same time, the inheritance and the volume is increasing, as you will also see later in the statistics. According to the DIW study, the trend continues and there will be significantly more assets inherited […]

Pre-heir and post-heir: definition and tips

Pre-heir and post-heir – If you want to be absolutely sure that your assets (including your real estate) remain within a defined circle of heirs, you can determine the so-called “preheirs and post-heirs” in your will. Especially when inheriting real estate, this procedure offers numerous advantages. Here you can find out what needs to be […]

Legal succession: law & community of heirs in case of death + procedure / checklist

Legal succession, community of heirs – After a death, the question often arises as to how the inheritance should be divided. If the deceased has left a will, the arrangement is usually clear and will be carried out according to the last will of the testator. However, if the inheritance is made according to intestate […]

Trier: House and apartment for sale – Prices, tips & expert checklist

House & apartment for sale in Trier – Not far from Luxembourg, in the southernmost part of Germany and directly in the Moselle wine region, lies the city of Trier, which was already founded in Roman times. Numerous architectural monuments, such as the Porta Nigra, are witnesses of the past and characterise Trier’s townscape. As […]

Allowances and inheritance tax: facts and tips

Inheritance tax was introduced in its current form in the German Reich as early as 1906. Since then, some things have changed, but the law is still based on the same premises. The most important of these is that inheritance is regarded as an increase in the assets of the heirs and must therefore be […]

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Partition auction in community of heirs: procedure, costs and the last resort?

Partial auction in community of heirs – The partial auction is a special variant of the forced sale and is used when several persons have ownership of a thing. This often involves land or real estate that is auctioned off and the proceeds divided among the owners. This situation often occurs in communities of heirs […]

Dismissing an inheritance: costs, deadlines and the most important tips

Rejecting an inheritance – The inheritance can be rejected by any heir. This is particularly important if the inheritance is over-indebted or if, for example, dilapidated real estate is part of the inheritance. However, a disclaimer requires certain forms and deadlines that must be observed. Precise information about the assets and debts of the testator […]

Inheritance without a will: facts, tips, spouses and inheritance law

Inheritance without a will – The law of succession comes into force when there is no will. This governs who receives the deceased’s assets after a death and how this is done. Communities of heirs may be formed where there are several heirs and the estate passes to them. Communities of heirs are automatically formed […]

Inherit debts / inherit without knowledge: Who pays debts in the event of death?

Inherit debts – An inheritance does not primarily mean wealth and new possessions. An inheritance is often loaded with debts and means a lot of responsibility for the heirs. After death, the heirs take over not only the assets, but also the rights and obligations of the deceased. If this includes debts, the heirs are […]


Will – The distribution of the assets of a deceased person can be recorded before death in a written statement, which is the will. Every person is capable of making a will from the age of 16 and does not need a notary in the case of a handwritten will, as the testator draws it […]