Tips for selling a property

Real Estate Sales -Once you have made the decision to sell your home, the time of planning and preparation begins. You will need a wide range of documents, you will have to have the market value of the property determined and you will have to apply for the energy certificate for your property. You will also need an extract from the land register, the cadastral map and the development plan.

In addition, your knowledge of the market in terms of land and property prices in the location of your home plays just as important a role as knowing what the supply/demand ratio is. For the preparation phase alone, you must expect high costs and plan a lot of time.

What to look for before selling a house

The preparation phase is a crucial point in the sale of a house. Even though all steps in the process are of course equally important, optimal preparation determines whether you sell your house without complications or face organisational difficulties within the individual phases. The best way to prepare for a house sale is to use a checklist. Check off each item on it the moment you have completed it. If you decide to sell your property through experienced real estate agents, you will be competently taken care of from the first moment and will not have any work with this task.

We strongly recommend an expert valuation, on the basis of which the price of your property can be determined authentically and taking into account all factors. As the sums involved in selling a house are very high, you should never estimate the asking price, but set it on the basis of the market value. Be aware in advance that you will need to look more closely at the creditworthiness and income of prospective buyers and carry out research and valuations in this regard.

Sell your house only with complete documents

Some documents you already need for the preparation of the exposé. To publish a concrete description, the floor plan, the total size of the living space and the property, but also the energy balance are crucial. The application for an energy certificate can take some time, so you have to take care of the energy passport in time. In the sales processing phase, various documents and proofs are requested from prospective buyers. If you have these at hand and can present them when asked, you are optimally organised and leave a serious and well-prepared impression.

Every prospective buyer wants to have a look at the land register, the cadastral map and the development plan. You should keep these documents in a folder, as well as receipts for the maintenance of the heating and electrics, and for any renovation and refurbishment work that has been carried out. After the notarial certification, the buyer receives the keys and all documents belonging to the property.

What factors influence the bid price and justify higher prices

Among the most frequent questions from our clients are inquiries about how we determine the price and what factors form the basis of an offer. As experienced estate agents, we undertake the valuation of your home, incorporating all details relating to location, supply and demand, from market analytical results and condition, and amenities. To protect you from undervaluation or overvaluation, comparisons to properties with similar amenities in the same location of your home are included in the fair market value. We assure you that you will always achieve a higher price by selling through our real estate agents than by selling your house privately.

An important factor is experience in price negotiations, which always occur when selling a house. Prospective buyers want to lower the price, while you as the owner insist on your offer. With negotiation skills and a convincing appearance based on experience, you can be sure that we will achieve the highest price while ensuring that the buyer is satisfied and convinced of the offer.

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There are various reasons that make you think about selling a property. Many of our clients already own their own house or condo when they inherit their parents’ home and don’t know what to do with the inheritance now. Are you facing this question or have another reason for selling your house? Our professional online real estate agents will assist you and help to get the best price for the property and not put a long wait on the agenda in the course of the sale. While you can sell privately if you are the sole owner, a house or apartment owned by a community of heirs presents greater challenges.

Tasks of a broker

Basically, a real estate agent fulfils all tasks that are important before and during the sales and rental phase. He creates an exposé, determines the market value of your property, advertises your property and is then the interface between you and interested parties. While the creation and publication of an advertisement is a time-consuming but unique task, answering customer enquiries is part of the daily business of an estate agent.

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Commission for the broker – The most important regulations

More than 80 percent of all properties for sale or rent are brokered. This means that the owner commissions a real estate agent to advertise the offer and to carry out all tasks up to the conclusion of the contract on his behalf. Professional brokerage is a service that is agreed between the client and the real estate agent. After the service has been rendered, a commission, the so-called brokerage fee, is due. Who pays the commission depends on the type of commission and the reason for the commission. If you sell your property through an estate agent, the buyer usually pays. In the case of lettings, the buyer principle has applied since 2015, so that the invoice recipient and commission payer is identical to the person who has commissioned a brokerage service.

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