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Terraced house: buy, build or renovate? Prices, sales value & more about the family house form

Townhome – Choosing the right type of home is not easy, whether you are an investor or a prospective buyer looking for their first home. Buying a house or even building a house are great ways to invest money or create your own home. There are many options when it comes to choosing a house. […]

Brokerage contract – The decisive facts

Real estate agent contract – Your decision to have your house professionally brokered is an important step towards a timely sale. After you have decided to take over the services of real estate agents, the contract is concluded. You can choose between a simple, a sole and a qualified sole brokerage contract. If you want […]

Purchase Contract – German Real Estate Explained, Guide

Buying a House in Germany – What are the details to look out for in your ‘Kaufvertrag’ when buying a house or property in Germany? Buying a house is complicated anywhere, especially when considering the contract, but coming from abroad, it’s even more important to know how to go about your purchasing contract. When you […]

Selling real estate privately – procedure & risks

Selling property privately – There are various reasons for selling a house. A professional move, a change in your family situation such as a divorce, the move to a larger property or the financially necessary sale are among the most common reasons when a house should change hands. In most cases, the house sale should […]

Buy a House: Financial planning, broker, commission, loans and service charges

The dream of owning your own home, living independently within your own four walls, being able to design everything yourself and furnish it according to your individual wishes. But with these desire conceptions it is not done still for a long time, because to a house buying belongs much more. To the goal of being […]

Sell house quickly: Procedure, legal basis and the best tips

Sell a house quickly – Selling a house is a complex matter and involves many different steps. From the creation of an attractive advertisement to the valuation of the property and the subsequent legal steps, such as the purchase contract and the appointments with the notary. During all these steps, various points must be considered […]

Costs incurred before the sale of the house

Costs of selling a house – Before you have sold a house and made money, you are faced with a number of expenses with costs that should not be underestimated. In addition to the valuation and the energy certificate as two of the largest items on your bill, numerous cost factors add up due to […]

Tips for selling a property

Real Estate Sales -Once you have made the decision to sell your home, the time of planning and preparation begins. You will need a wide range of documents, you will have to have the market value of the property determined and you will have to apply for the energy certificate for your property. You will […]

Selling a house – Avoiding high tax burdens

Selling a house – A faulty approach to selling your house can lead to high tax charges. If the profit from the house sale is considered taxable income, you will be liable to pay speculation tax. In the case of houses that were purchased as an investment and generated a return by renting them out, […]

Easement – definition, three types & in English

Easement – An easement is a right over another person’s property, such as real estate. Three types of easements are recorded in the BGB. These rights, which are regulated in law by definition, are the limited personal easement, the easement and the usufruct. The limited personal easement is the right to a property in favour […]

Inherited house – own use, rent or sell?

A house is a “big” inheritance, facing a large amount of money and with responsibilities. In openly communicating families, you as the heir do not have to consider whether you should accept the house or disclaim the inheritance. If you do not know whether the house is encumbered with a major land charge or mortgage […]

Inherited apartment – sale, rent or own use?

Not only houses, but also condominiums are inherited more and more frequently. The inheritance of an apartment is more complex than is the case with houses due to various special features. Even as an apartment heir, you are well advised to choose experienced real estate agents. In your emotionally and psychologically stressed situation as an […]