Renting real estate: Lease, cost, guide, agent, commission, ….

Renting real estate – Whether it is an apartment or a house, anyone who wants to rent a property should make some preliminary considerations and inform themselves in advance about the rights and obligations of the tenant and the landlord. The following tips from the real estate agency Lukinski – Ihr Hausverkauf will provide you with everything you need to know about renting a property.

Find the right property through Lukinski

Your new home should be a place where you feel completely at ease. It will be your refuge and retreat at the same time. Therefore, make precise ideas about how your new apartment or rental house should look. The best way to do this is to write down the most important points, such as a terrace or a bathtub, which the apartment or house should absolutely have, in key words, so that you can use this list to compare the offers on real estate platforms. Many platforms offer filters with which you can list those apartments with the desired equipment. Or you can submit this list to Lukinski, your real estate agency. We compare the items with our current offers and show you the best of them personally. This way you save a lot of time and stress in your real estate search and get to your dream property faster.

When renting a property, the search for an apartment or a house is often the biggest work. For this reason, it is advisable to hire a real estate agent for this purpose. A trained agent of the real estate agency Lukinski will find the right apartment or, if you wish, a house with a garden for you. Of course, he will take all your ideas into account and will also find offers in the best locations. Another advantage of a Lukinski real estate agent is that he is very familiar with the current legal situation and is therefore a valuable companion for you.

Also consider in advance how much you can afford. Be realistic about this. A good rule of thumb is that the rent for a property should not account for more than a third of your income. Also, keep in mind that location often determines how much you can afford to rent. If the apartment is allowed to cost a little more, it can be chosen quietly in an inner-city location. If you do not have such a high budget, apartments or houses in an outer part of the city are recommended. Our estate agents can advise you on prices and location and make you attractive offers according to your budget.

What you should know about the lease

If you have found a rental property that exactly meets your expectations and you would like to opt for, you must first wait for the commitment of the landlord. Because he may want to check your creditworthiness and think about whether you are the suitable tenant for his property. Important for the owner are always the regular rent payments and a secure economic situation of his tenant. Once you have agreed to rent, the landlord will immediately submit a rental contract to you. This is either freely formulated or it is a pre-printed form that the property owner usually receives from an owners’ association. Often, however, the clauses in such form leases are outdated and therefore invalid. You should also bear in mind that in most cases the landlord requires a deposit. He keeps this deposit in case there is something to complain about after moving out. If not, you will get it back after the end of the tenancy.

In addition to the main rent, you as a tenant also pay operating costs. These usually include the costs for running water, heating costs and other ancillary costs, such as cleaning the staircase. Sometimes there are also costs for the lift. However, it is important to know that the landlord is not allowed to pass on all operating costs to the tenant. In this respect, it is always advisable to look through the statement carefully and obtain detailed information about it. By the way, the landlord is not allowed to freely determine the amount of rent. If the Landlord and Tenant Act applies, which is usually the case, the landlord must adhere to category rents and guideline values in order to determine the amount of rent.

After moving into your new apartment or house, don’t forget to register with the relevant municipality within three days. You should always inform your employer, insurance companies and banks of any changes of address.

Buying or renting: Which is more worthwhile?

Carry out the change of residence in an uncomplicated way

No matter for what reason you want to change your home, there is always a lot to consider, and not only with regard to the new home. You must also terminate the previous property in due time and fulfil formal conditions. Before handing over the flat before the end of the tenancy, you need to check whether there are any damages that you should repair. Usual wear and tear that is commensurate with the length of the tenancy is not one of the damages that are your responsibility. You may want to fill in any holes. You usually only have to repaint if you have taken over the apartment newly painted or if you have painted the rooms in a garish colour in the meantime. The same applies to renovation work: only a property that has been taken over in a fully renovated condition may have to be returned in the same condition. Which cosmetic repairs you actually have to carry out depends individually on the law applicable to your rental property.

Once the formal questions regarding the notice of termination have been clarified, be sure to note the meter reading of gas and water in order to deregister the energy supplier. The last nerve-racking matter is the move, which you should organise well. For this you will need enough moving boxes and some helpers, if necessary a moving company, especially if you have a lot and large furniture. Some removal companies will even pack your household goods for you, so that the move is completely stress-free. For this, it is advisable to get several quotes from moving companies and also compare the complete packages with each other. If something should break on the way, the removal company is usually liable for it, which is usually well covered by insurance.

Conclusion: Renting a property offers you many advantages over buying your own home. You don’t need a lot of cash for it and you always remain flexible in terms of location. Of course, you can find rental properties on your own. However, an estate agent will help you to find the right flat or the perfect house more quickly. Because we from the real estate agency Lukinski – have many contacts and know the real estate market of your region very well. We can also help you with legal matters and ensure that your rental contract complies with the applicable regulations. This will save you a lot of time, trouble and your nerves and you can look forward to your new home as soon as possible. Just give us a call! We will take care of the rest for you!