Simple and safe – Selling a house in Rodgau

With about 45,000 inhabitants, Rodgau is the city with the most inhabitants in the district of Offenbach. Located at the southern end of the Rhine-Main conurbation, Rodgau offers its residents jobs geared to the future with around 150 companies from the high-tech segment. Nevertheless, many residents are drawn to large cities such as Frankfurt or Offenbach.

House sale – with or without competent help?

If you are the owner of a condominium or a house and you are thinking about a career change and you are leaving Rodgau, you need to consider selling. First of all, an important question should be answered: Do you want to sell on your own or hire an experienced real estate agent to do it for you? In the event that you are leaning towards selling without help, please read below what you need to consider.

What is the current market situation?

You probably want to sell your property at the best possible price, so you should ask a professional about the current demand in Rodgau. For example, if there are many houses, plots and condominiums available but only a few interested parties, the sale will be difficult. You must be prepared for a lengthy sales process and be very flexible in terms of price.

Necessary documents

In advance of the preparations for the sale, you need to get three important documents at the house, because they are important for the potential buyer:

  • Current extract from the land register
  • Energy certificate
  • Floor plans

If you have renovated your house in recent years or optimised its energy efficiency, ideally keep the relevant invoices available for inspection.

Determine market value

In order to find a real selling price, you need to know the value of your house. The calculators on the real estate portals will give you rough indications, but only an expert or surveyor can determine the real value. In addition to the substance of the property, many factors play an important role in determining the value. Important are, for example, location, infrastructure, year of construction, section and the already mentioned energetic measures. It is worth knowing that we at Lukinski – Ihr Hausverkauf reliably value properties, apartments and houses. If you decide to work with us, you will not have to go to an appointed or sworn appraiser. On the basis of the determined value and the current market situation, you set a sales price that is as realistic as possible.

The marketing of your property

From the documents described above as well as informative photos and texts, you create an exposé to advertise your property in various channels. Interested parties then want to visit the house and you ideally arrange individual appointments. Of course, this requires time and patience to answer frequently asked questions. For any buyer, purchasing real estate is a pivotal moment in life and a lot of information contributes to the decision-making process. You should also take a closer look at a potential buyer to determine the seriousness of their intentions. The sales negotiation usually begins following the viewing and requires skill from you accompanied by persuasion. Once you have agreed on the price with the prospective buyer, you need to check the credit rating. Since a house is usually financed, it is a good idea to ask for the financing confirmation. The buyer will have this issued by his bank and the document will give you the necessary security.

Draw up the purchase contract

As a rule, the buyer chooses a notary for the contract of sale. However, you must be present to discuss the contents of the contract and verify the information. The notary drafts the contract according to the requirements of both parties and sends one copy each to the buyer and the seller for inspection. You usually have two weeks after receipt to discuss the contract with your tax advisor or lawyer. If there are no objections or other reasons require a rethink, the buyer and seller sign the contract at the next notary appointment.

Hand over the house

As soon as the contract is signed, the notary waits for the receipt of the purchase sum on the seller’s account or on a notary’s escrow account as well as for the payment of the property tax. If there is a clearance certificate from the relevant tax office, the land register entry and handover take place. Selling a house on your own is a time-consuming business. At Lukinski, we know that selling a home can be challenging and risky for the owner. Given the complexity, homeowners without proper prior knowledge often fall into cost traps or achieve sales prices far below their means. That’s why you should leave the home sale process to us, the team at Lukinski. We know the current market situation in Rodgau, reliably determine the value of your house and take care of the professional marketing. For this purpose, we create an informative exposé and advertise your property in all sales channels available to us.

Every prospective buyer is informed by us in detail about your house during the viewing and at the same time checked with regard to creditworthiness. We negotiate with experience and routine a sales price that is in your interest and take over the complete handling of the sales contract. By the way, we are a nationwide active company and can assist you with the purchase of a property at your new residence.


Selling a house safely and at an attractive price requires experience, expertise and a lot of time. At Lukinski, we can take care of the entire selling process for you. Simply call and make an appointment for an initial discussion. We offer professional services and take time-consuming and often stressful work off your hands.