Move-in & Congratulations: The most beautiful sayings for your card – Free of charge

Sayings for card – It is the situation in which everyone comes at least once in life. The move into a new apartment or house. On this occasion, many people search the Internet for the best sayings for moving in for a variety of reasons. One would like to look for a suitable saying for the card for the move of the best friend and the other is looking for a suitable saying for the wall in the new apartment.

The 8 best sayings for moving in – motivation, congratulations and praise

There is no shortage of sayings for moving in. But which are actually the best or most suitable? That is of course a matter of taste. Nevertheless, we have collected for you the sayings that we find the best. So that there is a suitable saying for everyone, we have made an effort to make the whole thing as diverse as possible. So there are sayings that motivate you, others that generally congratulate you on your new home and others that praise you for the furnishings, the cut or the location of the new apartment.

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Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

“A new house, a new man.”

Especially for the people who want to start a new beginning in their new home, this saying could be suitable. If you are looking for a saying for the move-in of a close friend of whom you know that he or she is glad to have finished his or her “old life” with the move-out, you could give him or her a card with this saying. Such a saying could motivate your friend and make the person start the “new” life in a positive way.

Hermann Hesse

“And there’s magic in every beginning.”

This saying is a little more distant but still beautiful. It is especially appropriate if you are attending the housewarming party of someone you are not too close to. Through this saying you give no matter whether a single person, a couple or a family a homey, positive feeling. It is also particularly suitable as a saying for the wall. If a family is experiencing several beginnings at the same time, such as the birth of a new family member or a recent wedding in addition to moving house, then this saying could be a perfect fit.

Hoffmann von Fallersleben

“Into every home where love dwells,
There shines in also sun and moon,
…no matter how small it may be,
spring is coming in after all.”

This little poem by Hoffmann von Fallersleben could be the right saying for a card that a student or trainee receives for their first small 1-room apartment or shared room. The crucial point in this poem, that the inhabitants of a house or an apartment are much more important for the atmosphere than the size or the appearance, is taken up here particularly beautifully and could please a person who moves into a small apartment and motivate the love by the presence to express more strongly.

Moving into a new home – design a card

Meister Eckhart

“And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new, and trust the magic of the beginning.”

This is also a very popular saying for the moving card. This saying is suitable for close friends of whom you know that you associate their moving into the new apartment or house with a new beginning. With the description “Magic of the beginning” you give the person a good feeling on the way. You can also make family members a little happier with this saying.

Friedrich Rückert

“Paint your room inside,
that thine eye may rest upon it;
leave the outside of your house undecorated,
…that it may not provoke the eyes of the enemy.”

This little poem by Friedrich Rückert might be appropriate for your card if the person to whom it is addressed is a little superstitious. The belief that enemy glances at a house bring bad luck is not uncommon. Of course, this poem does not necessarily have to be related to superstition, as envy can also create a bad neighborhood climate in general. What is special about this saying is that it does not only consist of good luck wishes, but can also make a person think a little. So if you are looking for something special, this saying might be right for you.


“Whoever steps over this threshold,
He brings goodness and cheerfulness with him!
If one of you comes here worried..:
The dust collector is at the door!”

Such a saying is suitable for everyone. Even people who are not so close, you can make a joy. Conceivable this saying would also be on the doormat in front of the house or the apartment. Who would like to make someone a somewhat larger gift to the moving in than a card, which could let manufacture a doormat with this inscription. Wondering where something like this can be done? Here we have found for you a website where it is possible: Matmaker.

Horst Winkler

“May you be quite happy here
Lots of sunshine inside too!”

Here again a short, beautiful saying that actually always fits. If it is just one person, you could just change the saying a bit. With such a saying you are on the safe side and can not go wrong.

“Learn order, love it, for it will save you time and trouble.”

Finally, a saying that stands out from the rest. Whoever writes such a saying on a card for someone to move in, should have a particularly close relationship with this person and know whether this person would take the saying with humor. Especially if it is the brother or sister with whom you have a close relationship and you know that they tend to be messy, this saying could be suitable and funny.

These were the best 8 move-in, move-out sayings we found for you. Whether for your card, your gift, your wall or even your doormat, we hope that the right saying was there for you.

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