The perfect couch – furnishing ideas for the living room

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture in the living room. It is not only the largest and therefore stands out, but the color and style also determine the mood in the room. In addition, it is a central meeting place for the whole family and should also bring the certain coziness factor. Whether it’s a cozy evening watching TV on the couch or simply a game night with the family. The sofa should be the focal point of the room and therefore something very special.

The checklist for buying a sofa – what you should consider before visiting the furniture store

If you are now looking for a new sofa, you should clarify some questions in advance and know what you want from your new couch before your visit to the furniture store. Even the furniture professional in the store will have some questions for you to be prepared for. In any case, remember to have your floor plan or the measurements you need with you before you buy a sofa that won’t fit in your living room. And what goes better with the perfect couch than a great fireplace? For our tips on how to get the perfect fireplace, check out our guide to the fireplace living trend.

The room – what are the conditions for the new piece of furniture

Before you decide on a new sofa model, you should first look at the room. Where are the doors and windows? How large is the area available for the sofa? Where will the television be located? And where should the side table and lamps be? Once you are aware of this, think about how big you want your new sofa to be, or how big it can be in the room. To do this, measure out the desired dimensions and make yourself aware of the size in the room as well. You can use folding rulers or cardboard to mark out the area where you want the sofa to be. This way you can see what size proportions you can move in and when it would look crowded. Take a picture of their planning, because this can help them in the decision-making process afterwards.

The style – in which environment the sofa should fit in

Once the measurements are clear, you can start thinking about the style of the sofa. First, you should clarify if you want the couch to be the focal point of the room, or if it should be a basic piece that you spice up with accessories? To make this question easier, it is also important that you consider the color scheme in the room. Should the new piece of furniture be based on a specific color or material, or do you want to align the room with the sofa and design it accordingly? This also includes the floor and any rugs that may be present. The new piece of furniture should also harmonize with these components. Try to find a model that fits in with the existing room and supports it. Think carefully, otherwise the cosiest room of the property could quickly look restless and jumbled together.

The living situation – does the sofa fit their needs

When buying new furniture, you should consider how long you expect to live in your current property. If you are planning to move in the near future, you may want to wait until you know which property you will be moving to. While most three seaters will easily fit into smaller living rooms, their choice would rather be a larger model. If need be, keep the old one for a while and get a new piece of furniture when the time is right. The question about a sofa bed or a normal sofa also depends on your living situation. If you are considering such a model, think about how often overnight guests will really come over and whether their own comfort is not more important. Most often, a guest mattress is cheaper and its comfort, unfortunately, is not among them.

The material – leather, textile covers & made in …?

The material is especially important for a sofa and not only for the appearance but also for the comfort. For some, a leather sofa is the only true while others prefer to sink into cozy fabric. Both offer advantages and disadvantages, but which option is right for you is purely a matter of taste. When shopping for a leather sofa, be sure to ask about tanning, dyeing, and other environmental concerns. Pay attention to the environmental seal! In addition, you should know how easy it is to care for the leather, because stains do not look good at all on a leather sofa. One quality feature of leather is its fine pores, because the finer the pores, the higher the quality and price of the leather. You also have to be careful with fabric-covered sofas, because there are many different types here too. For example, light fabric sofas are not suitable for a family with children and pets, because the risk of dirt is simply too great.

In addition to the material, it is also important to know where your new piece of furniture was produced. Of course, this is also a sign of quality. With furniture that is ‘Made in Germany’, you can be sure that high production standards have been met. However, you will also have to pay a certain price for such a piece of furniture. You can recognise a well-made sofa by a number of features. In the best case, this includes a solid wood frame or at least a frame made of wood-based materials. In addition, the sofa needs a base made of wave springs or elastic straps. The seat foam should have a minimum weight of 35kg per square metre and thus be dimensionally stable. To be protected against stains and moisture, a moisture-absorbing fleece underneath the cover is very important.

Financing and delivery – the final steps

Once you have found the right sofa, the next question is how to finance it. For good upholstered furniture from a specialist dealer, you should be prepared for prices starting at 3,000 euros. Since these sums are not just lying around at home with everyone, some specialist dealers offer zero-percent financing, so that you can divide the amount over a period of time and do not have to pay everything directly. Once the financing is in place, the only thing left to do is to wait for the delivery. But be careful, because here can hide a stumbling block. Because what is often not considered is how the new piece of furniture should get to its place in the living room. Because a sofa is not as easy to take apart as other pieces of furniture. So if the door is too narrow or the staircase too small, you may have problems and incur costs that you did not expect. So measure carefully in advance and, if necessary, find other ways of getting the furniture into its place.