Do it yourself: New construction & renovation on your own

Do it yourself – The term “do it yourself” refers to the owner’s own work. When constructing a new building, but also when renovating a building, the builder decides whether he wants to do it himself or whether he prefers the turnkey construction method. There are advantages when a specialist company provides the services. As the building owner, you accompany the progress. However, you can primarily take care of your work and leisure activities. The amount of time you invest in the construction is significantly less than when you opt for the do-it-yourself strategy.

Do it yourself: time, costs, savings

Do-it-yourself requires a lot of work, which often goes hand in hand with a longer construction time. The advantage lies in the financial savings. This can be converted into equity capital during financing. The loan instalments and the costs for financing are reduced. This is the main reason for which builders opt for the do-it-yourself strategy. Moreover, there are builders who come from a craft background and are well versed in some phases of construction. They undertake the relevant services themselves. But even with the help of friends or relatives, personal contributions can be managed within a time frame that is acceptable.

Possibilities of own contribution in new construction and renovation

You can do your own work at all stages of construction. Particularly popular with builders are earthworks and the assumption of various works in the interior. It should be noted that there is work that must be carried out by a professional. This includes, among other things, connecting the heating to the gas network or installing the electrical systems.

The roofing, on the other hand, you can do yourself. However, you should bear in mind that this work also requires specialist knowledge. There are also dangers involved in roofing. Unlike the gas connection or the installation of electrical systems, there are no specifications from the authorities for roofing. Doing it yourself requires thorough planning and weighing up the requirements and your own knowledge. Only include work in the self-performance in which you are versed. You can also carry out partial installations yourself and leave individual work to the specialist.

Earthworks and garden design: no specialist knowledge necessary!

Builders who want to do their own work, often choose to carry out earthworks and take over the landscaping. This work does not require any special expertise. The equipment needed for the work can be borrowed. Earthworks are necessary when building new houses and outbuildings. However, earthworks are also carried out in advance for the laying of cables and pipes. Landscaping is often placed at the end of the renovation work. This is a very popular type of personal contribution. The builder can put his ideas into practice. The saving depends on the size of the garden and the work planned. It can be in the five-figure range if the paths and terrace are also included in the personal contribution.

Self-made interior: laying, tiling, wallpapering

Interior finishing gives the builder many opportunities to do it himself. Laying the floors, tiling the bathroom, toilet and kitchen, as well as wallpapering and designing the ceilings, are all things that people like to do themselves. If large rooms are to be divided up, lightweight construction is a good option. You will have to buy the material for the interior finishing. However, you will save the cost of labor hours of the craftsmen. The total construction costs can be significantly minimized if you decide to do all or part of the interior work yourself.

Do-it-yourself not so important when selling a house

Do-it-yourself strategy does not play a significant role in the sale of the house. Judging by experience, potential buyers are interested in the furnishings and the condition of the house. Whether renovation or maintenance work was carried out by the buyer or by a professional is not mentioned in the exposé. It is important that the work is done carefully and of high quality. If this is the case, renovation work carried out by the owner will have a positive effect on the resale value of the property. You are making an important investment in the future.