Selling a house: Successfully selling your own house in Detmold

Optimizing the sales price with first-class tips and tricks, how do I increase my sales value? Optimal house sale in Detmold: For the sale of your property I have here in the blog all the important basic questions that reach us in the office but also in our everyday life on the construction site and in viewing appointments with customers.

First of all, everything revolves around a professional start: Scheduling an appointment with your reputable real estate agent to value your Detmold home. Whether it is first of all to determine the highest possible price to get the highest selling price in the current market situation, acquire all the imperative knowledge in selling houses research selling prices in your area. Should you want to save time, get in touch with us. When evaluating all kinds of residential properties, all the imperative know-how in real estate salesresearch sale prices in your neighborhood will assist you and if you want to save yourself time, contact our real estate experts.

Acting like an expert, now it’s about: Prepare papers for the upcoming sale of the house (receipts, bills and documents). They numerous more or less important papers. Among them are development of the area, as well as valuations from the real estate agent. Beautiful photos raise the possible price of your house or townhouse in Detmold. So that so buyers can make a much more realistic picture of a property edited photo shots must always show your property from good perspectives and have a good resolution for example 1000×1500 pixels. Because you want to sell. And the best for a maximum price.

Haus verkaufen mit Immobilienmakler in Detmold

Your next challenge: Determine the selling price for your house for sale listing. The most diverse influencing factors contribute to the calculation of the purchase price, such as proximity to leisure facilities, building quality, location of the property and also the equipment and condition of a house. It is not important what purchase price you yourself had once invested for your property in Detmold. Supply and demand on today’s house market dominate the value. As at all times, supply and demand regulate the price Yes, any determination promises a lot of time which you have to find. For private individuals it is clearly quite cumbersome to estimate the house value correctly.

Next on the list comes with the item: design of the exposé for prospective buyers. Interest in buying shows directly when reading an advertisement. As always, our first impression counts, the effort for a beautiful advertisement is worth it. In addition, as the owner you know all the necessary features. Always pay attention to the consideration of all necessary characteristics. For example floor space and cultivation possibilities, garden, an own pool or garage for the family car. Your exposé is ready? The greatest sales opportunities are offered by the portal for real estate and condominiums, but also the well-tried local newspaper in Detmold. Then you have to wait and see. Does your property arrive?

Your next challenge: managing enquiries from potential buyers. First reactions to the current real estate ad are there, if you have brought in an agent, he does the reactions for you and only if more in-depth messages are received, he will contact you personally.

Your next step: arranging viewing appointments with prospective buyers and on-site inspections.Monday, Tuesday, etc: The excitement is growing. The commissioned estate agent now makes new appointments for a viewing in Detmold every morning. If you want, he makes the entire appointments, of course, you can be as a seller with on site, an important tip: definitely do not leave anything to Fortune, ensure a well-kept impression at the house inspection, like a new car.

Next on your todo list is to check the purchasing power of the prospective that you do not have to witness any payment irregularities when selling your house, the insured solvency of the buyer is immediately checked by information.

After adjustments to the draft contract: finalise the notarised purchase contract with the notary public

The last still to be discussed details of the sales contract, as well as all the necessary preliminary negotiations with the new owners of your house, leads your broker. He formulates and prepares together with the desired notary’s office the notarial contract and clear, for a notarization a notary appointment is standard, however the initial situation has been, whether modern real estate with good traffic connections in central location, the set main goal is nearVerkäufer and buyer of the real estate sign the sales contract formulated now up to the details, so far so good, with it your house is really certified sold.

Thereupon follows: After the executed land register entry (also notice of conveyance), the pre-sale price can be paid immediately.Your supervising notary will now organize the legally required entry in the land register, in addition, a notice of conveyance, also by the notary, is entered. This paper ensures, for example, that a seller cannot sell his property twice, i.e. to two prospective buyers at the same time, to various persons who are not known to each other. Your notary will inform the buyer as soon as he can transfer the purchase price to your bank account. Do not forget, after the release you should check your account balance for the receipt of payment.

Ihr Notartermin

The next step is all about: Payment of notary appointment and real estate agent bills. Immediately after the top conclusion the transfer amount for notary and real estate agent is still outstanding, the transfer to notary and real estate agent must of you afterwards to the notary appointment instruct, for this in each case an invoice is sent to you.

You have done everything: pay land transfer tax to the carrier

. If there is not a full 10 years between them, you will have to pay capital gains tax. On top of that, you may have to pay the generally levied solidarity surcharge and church tax. Of course, there are also exceptions. For example, if you as an owner over 3 years]36 months have actually lived in the property yourself and never rented. However, if you lived in your property yourself for more than 3 years and did not act as a landlord during that time here, you will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Demographics and the housing market: existing and new construction

From 54,331 should be statistically very satisfied with the housing situation to housing market and new construction. With a total area of 129.39 km ² Detmold has enough space for housing units currently live 0.07 million registered people. Apartments are in demand at 571 citizens per square kilometer.

Detmold housing and real estate market: facts and figures

But where do people live in Detmold? The Federal Statistical Office collected new figures on Germany a few weeks ago, according to these 28,702 people live in their own house or townhouse, 4,545 are proud owners of a condominium. On it 35,775 renting citizens come, only 4,870 live in apartment communities, according to study of the LBS should live in the various apartments and houses currently 43,600 married people, 30,299 singles. New construction needs in all counties. By 2020, 50% of Detmold’s studies predict new units, still 33% of 22,394 by then, only 17% of the calculations come up with the need for 31,351 new homes. Statistically, what amount of units will actually be built? Currently, only 207 units are created, a whole 2,863,339,920.00 euros are invested.

54,331 should be statistically very satisfied

The people in Detmold are happy with their housing situation, whether multi-family or single-family house, as well as 60,915 property owners, who appreciate just this location and neighborhood, dissatisfied, however, are only 12,984, a similar friendly picture also show the many tenants, with 54,331 satisfied residents, compared to 19,568 people who are less satisfied despite central shopping facilities. The vast majority of residents live in single-family houses and in no apartment, together there are 38,698 Detmolder, clearly more than as in houses with several tenants, here live 22,963 or 11,461 people in two-family houses, so Detmold lives.

Age structure and future in Detmold: This is what we are facing

Detmold has a large number of young citizens, for example 11,565 citizens aged 25-39 years, but also many older citizens, such as 17,950 inhabitants between 40 and 59 years, what will the future bring? Detmold is steadily increasing, from 73,279 people about 4 years ago, the population grew by 620 people to now statistically 74,517, the trend continues the same, we are now looking at the calculations until 2035.

Sales and purchases generate €6.8 billion annually

The investment capital is really high, stately 450.649.538 Euros of constantly accessible financial assets on Detmold bank accounts and under mattresses, much more, whole 0,5 billion Euros are deposited in real estate market and only 94.321.996 Euros exist as use assets. The total transactions of sold real estate in Detmold is currently based on the German average at, purely statistically 6.8 billion euros, in the same period in the new construction of homes in Detmold 2,863,339,920.00 euros were moved, the modernization is an increasingly standardized topic with up to 3.4 billion euros for the installation of new systems and building materials. In total, the real estate sector in Detmold thus generates 13 billion euros annually.

This is how living in private real estate is distributed according to age structures

How many people really live in their own four walls? Real estate ownership we have in all age groups short a two concrete values, according to Germany-wide survey of empirica now live 3,108 toddlers from 0 – 10 years in houses or apartments, in the increasing age it is then already a few more, also due to survived toddler phase and the resulting finding that the parents are working again, with the 11 to 21 year old teenagers live 3.849 in a home of their own, it is a lot less with 21 – 30 years, they travel and are, for example, looking for challenges around the world, just 842 live in their own propertyJe older, the more likely residents afford real estate ownership. Thus it is with the 31 to 40 year olds again 3,190 and something above, with the today 41 to 50 year olds whole 5,517. Between 51-60 years live 5,052 in the own home, with the 61 to 70 year old inhabitants are it still 3,859. The forthcoming stage of life spend less in the house or the free-hold flat, 2,391.

Statistics in Detmold

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house 28.702
Apartment 4.545
Apartment for rent 35.775
Shared apartment 4.870

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Home ownership in Detmold / Alter Units
0-10 3.108
11-21 3.849
21-30 842
31-40 3.190
41-50 5.517
51-60 5.052
61-70 3.859
71-80 2.391

Statistical source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 30.299 32.516 2.217
2 25.126 26.604 1.478
3 8.868 7.390 -1.478
4 6.651 5.912 -739
more than 5 2.217 2.143 -74

Statistics: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 39.166 41.383 2.217
2 21.431 20.692 -739
3 6.651 5.912 -739
4 4.434 4.360 -74
over 5 1.478 1.330 -148

Source: Federal Statistical Office