Alex Fischer’s “Real Estate Investor” Master Course: Coaching, Experience, Contents

You have heard about Alex Fischer “Real Estate Investor” Coaching or Masterclass and wonder what you learn in the course? Here’s an insight! The Fundamentals of Real Estate Investing course provides a comprehensive overview of the key aspects and challenges associated with real estate investing. From tax considerations to real estate risk, equity and financing, participants will be introduced to the world of real estate investing. The course aims to provide foundational knowledge and give participants the tools and strategies to make informed real estate investment decisions. Tip in advance: Currently you can order the bestseller (already 200,000+ readers:inside) “Reicher als die Geissens” for free.

Master course at a glance: “Real Estate Investor

You are still thinking about whether it is worth booking a coaching? Read here everything important about the contents of the master course “Real Estate Investor” including course overview, conclusion, experience and final evaluation!

Before we get to content, an important question:

Who is the master course for? Typical problems

Maybe you know these typical investment problems.

  • Lack of understanding of tax aspects related to real estate
  • Ignorance of the risks and challenges of real estate investment
  • Difficulties in the calculation and management of equity
  • Lack of knowledge about profitable investment strategies in the real estate sector
  • Lack of clarity about the relationship between real estate investments and one’s financial situation
  • Uncertainty in the valuation of real estate and the assessment of its profitability
  • Problems in dealing with tenants and tenants’ rights
  • Challenges in financing real estate projects and building up sufficient equity capital
  • Lack of knowledge about tax advantages and optimization possibilities in the real estate sector
  • Difficulties in identifying opportunities and risks in the real estate market.

Topics and learning areas in coaching

Let’s start with all the facts and content.

Topic What you learn
Basic insider laws for economic success You will learn the difference between success and failure in real estate, investment or personal.
The difference in real estate investment You’ll see why real estate beats other types of investments.
The real estate balance You’ll learn what most people don’t understand about real estate and how you can profit from income property.
Reasons for investing in real estate You’ll learn why you should invest in real estate and how you can enlist others to do so.
The self-paying pension insurance with real estate You will learn how much cash flow you will have when your investment property is paid off and what the associated costs are.
The difference between Saving ON and Saving OFF You’ll learn how to build reserves and use opponent momentum to build wealth.
Calculated comparison of private pension insurance You understand the difference between private annuities and real estate annuities.
Direct comparison of common forms of savings with real estate You will learn in which cases real estate can be more profitable despite high security.
Negligent half-knowledge about inflation and the consequences You will receive accurate information about inflation, its effects and how to protect yourself against it.
Demonetization and its consequences You will learn who benefits from demonetization and how to protect yourself against it.
The time bombs in your pension notice You’ll learn what factors affect your pension decision and how you can become a victim of the system.
The trap with self-interest They recognize the trend that is causing financial difficulties for many owners of owner-occupied properties.
For whom is the investment property particularly interesting? You will learn what qualifications are required for income properties and for whom they are suitable.
Effect of inflation on monetary values You will receive an inflation and appreciation table that you can use to calculate the impact of inflation.
Dealing with existing monetary values in the event of inflation You will learn how to protect your monetary assets from inflation and currency crash.
The important return ratios You can independently calculate which investments are worthwhile and which are not.
Inflation protection and profit making You will learn how you can not only protect against inflation, but also profit from it.
Insurance against inflation and currency crash You will receive information on how to hedge against inflation and currency crash.
Interest rate security and inflation protection You will learn how to hedge against rising interest rates and inflation.

You will learn this and more in the “Real Estate Investor” Master Course. Here are 3 important topics briefly explained, from the course of Alex Fischer Düsseldorf, which I would like to introduce briefly:

  1. Tax aspects in connection with real estate
  2. Leasing and tenant management
  3. Investment strategies in the real estate sector

Tax aspects in connection with real estate

This topic deals with the various tax regulations and benefits associated with real estate investments. It covers topics such as depreciation, tax treatment of rental income and expenses, speculation tax and ways to optimize the tax situation in the real estate sector.

Leasing and tenant management

The basics of leasing and tenant management are covered here. This includes finding suitable tenants, lease agreements, tenant rights and responsibilities, tenant communications, rent payments, and conflict resolution. The course also offers recommendations for effective tenant management and long-term tenant relationships.

Investment strategies in the real estate sector

This section looks at various investment strategies that can be used in real estate. These include buy-and-hold strategies, flipping, rental properties, commercial real estate, and real estate investment trusts. The course covers the advantages and disadvantages of each strategy as well as important factors in selecting and implementing an appropriate investment strategy.

Conclusion Master Course: My Experience

Alex Fischer ‘s Real Estate Investor Masterclass provides a solid foundation for anyone looking to enter or expand their knowledge in the real estate market. By covering important topics such as tax issues, real estate risk, equity and financing, participants will be empowered to better understand and navigate the opportunities and challenges of real estate investing. With an in-depth knowledge of real estate analysis, leasing and tenant management, and various investment strategies, participants will be able to plan their investments more effectively and achieve profitable long-term results. As a result, the course provides a valuable resource for anyone who wants to succeed in real estate.

My evaluation of the Masterclass

From my experience from the master course, I would conclude with:

4.9 / 5.0 stars

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