Real Estate News: Newspapers on urban flight and low interest rates – Week19

Real estate news – We had only in this week our large special to the topic: Flat inspection. Also the Süddeutsche newspaper concerns itself today with the topic. More precisely, it is about moving into the new apartment or the new dream house. Low interest rates are currently causing rents and purchase prices to rise. Why and why, illuminates the mirror in this week More interesting is however the article ?the new city flight? in the Federal Gazette. This deals, after all the long years of “rural exodus” with the new phenomenon that many are drawn to the suburbs of major cities or even further out into the countryside.

City escape: The feeling of wanting to live in the country again

Just a few years ago, the rural exodus was considered an integral part of German demographics (More on Statistics / Real Estate & Housing). More and more parts of the population in the country, wanted to try their luck in the city. The rural areas are thereby for a long time not only threatened, from the departure of the people, real are millions of people from small villages in the city moved. Large metropolises such as Berlin or Frankfurt am Main can hardly save themselves from the influx of residents. In Berlin alone, 30,000 people move into the city every year. Of course, there are also many people who move to Germany and have not lived here before. But the majority of people are from Germany and mostly from sparsely populated, rural areas.

The growing pull of the cities not only ensures that fewer and fewer people live in the countryside, of course, the local economy suffers from it. Ultimately, of course, the social life, from the classic example, the bus that comes only once an hour, if at all. To the baker around the corner or the supermarket that has to close because there are no longer enough customers for the business. For a long time, there was virtually nothing to counter this trend. Save the province! That was the motto throughout.

Not a good outlook for sellers, but now people and young families are coming back! Today there is slowly a counter-current, more and more people are trying to escape the conurbations and are looking for their fortune in the countryside again. In doing so, it’s no longer just to the suburbs, but rather to the bastions of the cities. You can read more about this topic in this week’s Bundesanzeiger:

Real Estate Newspapers: Overview on urban flight to trade in healthcare real estate

Federal Gazette on urban migration and its effects

Do you still remember the great debates on the topic of “rural exodus”? The trend seems to be slowly reversing. More and more people, including young people, are seeking their fortune somewhat outside the conurbations. Bundesanzeiger takes a close look at the issue and sheds light on the reasons behind the decision of many. This week at Bundesanzeiger among others “Where prices have risen particularly sharply” but also the just mentioned “The new urban flight” . New articles, headlines and trends:

  • The new urban exodus
  • Where prices have risen particularly sharply
  • ZIA demands: A European approach to climate policy

Housing in Tokyo: Future for German Cities?

Up to 2,000 euros for a 1-room apartment. Tokyo is the most expensive city in the world when it comes to housing. In this Galileo report, you can see what the increasing shortage of housing in big cities is leading to. Is this also a future scenario for Germany?

Even satirical magazines like extra 3 deal with the topic of rural exodus – a trend that continues but is subsiding. about the protests on the current debate about expropriation

New articles and posts from this week include “Expropriation of real estate owners is a “moronic idea”” and “FDP: Remove the possibility of expropriation from the Basic Law”. Within the policy in Berlin moves thus momentarily some. Why exactly the FDP wants to delete the part in the law, you can find out today on More headlines of the week:

Real Estate Newspaper on health care real estate trading

Investing in nursing homes and hospitals, that is for many investors nothing strange. Therefore, today in the real estate newspaper a look the trade. This week, Real Estate Newspaper has interesting topics such as “Lack of logistics properties melts investment volume” and “Prices for residential buildings increase by 4.8% within a year” in the magazine. Check out the posts and more tips here:

Spiegel about the price increase of real estate due to low interest rates

Interest rates are the trigger for many overarching effects of the economy. Depending on the development, e.g. the construction interest rate development, strategies and plans change. This also has an effect on the real estate sector and of course on the increase in rents and purchase prices. With mirror it goes in this week around “Dubiose accountings: Tenants defend themselves against housing giant Vonovia” and “Real estate crisis: what really helps against the housing shortage” . More news from this week:

Süddeutsche Zeitung on the headquarters of the Bayerische Versorgungskammer (new building)

There is no new record in Bavaria. More precisely, it is about the winning design for the new headquarters of the Bavarian Chamber of Supply on Richard-Strauss-Strasse. The building could have been even taller, why not, that reveals the Süddeutsche in the article on the winning design:

Stern about the rip-off of emergency services

Craft rip-off! The topic comes up a lot, whether it’s dish services or handymen coming to fix your washing machine. Stern’s blog looks at “Top 10 factories: Megafactories – the largest factory is in Germany” and “Rip-off emergency services: botched construction: craftsmen collect 150,000 euros – and leave only chaos” . More news of the week: