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Own need notice – the BGH judgement is today the large topic in the real estate newspapers. Even in the Focus and mirror the editorship goes on the judgement. The mirror asks in the title “Rausgeklagte, so that the profit rises?” – an important question, for thousands of tenants every year. The current construction boom continues, new construction, renovation, it continues to invest heavily in residential gold. At the same time, some commentary is seeing property prices for buyers rise sharply. The rent index is under criticism and first call for a real reform. We have all the important headlines and real estate news of the week for you. You will find the collected press comments after our overview, here: Immo News.

Notice of own need – The ruling for tenants and landlords

Notice on own need – The notice of the dwelling for own need is for many tenants a genuine stress situation. Suddenly one must look for a new dwelling. Those who live in the metropolitan areas of Berlin, Essen, Dortmund, Munich, but also Frankfurt am Main, find it difficult to get an equivalent apartment. Either one must make cutbacks in the situation, in the size or in addition, with the rent, which will increase clearly. Of course, the landlord can legitimately terminate the tenancy if he has a need to own the property.

Nevertheless, there are cases of owner-occupancy termination that go beyond the level of genuine owner-occupancy. Black sheep make so profit by the new renting and often also the simultaneous modernization as well as energetic building reorganization. Only in the last week we had reported on the advance of the Juso leader Kevin Künast. With his push of the general expropriation of real estate companies, he made a big wave in politics but also in all real estate newspapers. His thoughts deal with the expropriation of real estate property, which goes beyond the own, necessary or in short: 1 person, 1 property. Also the BGH ruling is about large corporations and companies with large portfolios of real estate. Also in the focus it goes around the judgement and their follow. The Focus sums it up, “[n]ew hurdles for termination”. More precisely, the ruling is about the question: How high is the proportion of justified terminations of own use? This week came the judgment, as also in the manager magazine to read, because Eigenbedarfsküdigungen many times rightfully.

Termination of own use – Your rights as a tenant – Video

Construction boom and criticism of the rent index

Construction boom in Germany continues – No end in sight, the construction boom in Germany continues. This is the topic of this week’s Immobilien Zeitung. While many have seen the recession for some time, the economic growth remains stable, in the first quarter after all 0.4%. This after many, very successful years. So there is no reason to complain and so many German investors and home builders still use the favorable situation of the economy but also the favorable loans, by the current interest rate situation. More on the topic can be read here this week: Boom in construction continues (Immobilien Zeitung).

Now or never! Because “The best time to buy an apartment is over” says the Frankfurter Allgemeine. Those who want to sell their property in Frankfurt now have the best chance to make good profits. Who wants to buy, should still strike now, before the prices climb further. More about this in the Frankfurter Rundschau: The cheapest time to buy a flat is over.

Mietspiegel in the criticism – After the construction is rented. The basis for many assessments is the rent index. Nevertheless, there is criticism and some are now calling for the reform of the rent index. “Reform of an instance” says the Handelsblatt this week. The rent index is the basis, not only for tenants, also regulations are based on the local rent index. More on the topic is now in the Handelsblatt: Mietspiegel in der Kritik.

Furthermore, this week’s topic is the tightening of rules for chimneys and fireplaces. This topic actually affects millions of households in Germany. Many topics for which a Sunday is hardly enough. We wish you with the headlines of the week an informative weekend and a successful start into the coming week!

Real Estate News:

Manager Magazin on the current case concerning the notice of termination of own use

We have already reported on the current topic of Manager Magazin at the beginning of the Real Estate News. Own need notices are often legal, so the ruling of the Federal Court of Justice. There are other new headlines this week about “Billionaire Ortega relies on US real estate: Richest Spaniard – from textile billionaire to real estate mogul”, a very interesting article about an up-and-comer, Made in USA:

Focus Online on even more environmental protection – Is millions threatened by conversion?

The current climate debate is fuelling many ideas. Currently, the Minister of the Environment is planning to tighten the requirements for fireplaces and chimneys. The Focus Online blog also reports on “New hurdles for termination: For landlords, the BGH ruling on own use is a big risk” . More news and current laws:

Frankfurter Allgemeine sees good time for buying over

This week’s Frankfurter Allgemeine has some exciting articles, such as “Constitutional lawyer Schorkopf: Does EU law protect against expropriation?” and “German real estate market: The best time to buy a home is over”. More news from the past days:

Handelsblatt on the criticism of the rent index

As already reported at the beginning, the rent index is under criticism. Also in Munich, one of the cities with the highest rents. Here also to see in the TV report:

More headlines in the Handelsblatt:

How to calculate the rent index?

Star about 5 misconceptions in tenancy law

Stern’s blog looks at “Surf Shack: This dreamy shack comes in a cardboard box and can be built by amateurs” and “Renovating, nap time, subletting: would you have known? Five common landlord-tenant law misconceptions” . More news of the week:

Haufe on the image cultivation of Vonovia

After the criticism from the Juso leader and the great public and media attention, Vonovia is naturally working on improving its own image. That’s why Haufe is taking a close look at the company this week. New from Haufe this week includes “Image cultivation: Vonovia wants to be one of the “good guys”” and “On our own account: Haufe and d.velop cooperate”. More real estate news for tenants, buyers and sellers:

T-Online on the rental contract: Important and invalid clauses

This week, T-Online has topics such as “Cold rent, city district – Munich must disclose certain rent index data” and “Better check service charge statement – These errors occur again and again”. New topics of the week:

Süddeutsche Zeitung sees prices rise like FAZ

This week’s Süddeutsche Zeitung blog is all about “Prices are going through the roof” and “What’s the truth about the “Hotel Mama” myth?”. Updates and news from the newspaper:

Federal Gazette on Seehofer’s push for energy-efficient building refurbishment

This week at Bundesanzeiger among others “Coalition committee on property tax: ZIA insists on agreement” but also “Mietpreisbremsengesetz: Mieter nicht gegen Vermieter ausspielen”. New articles, headlines and trends:

  • Mietpreisbremsengesetz: Do not play off tenants against landlords
  • Coalition committee on property tax: ZIA insists on agreement
  • Energy-efficient building refurbishment: ZIA welcomes Seehofer’s initiative

Berlin.de about warning of usurious advertisements

New articles and posts from Berlin.de this week include “Finance minister: get property tax reform underway quickly” and “Tenants’ associations: can warn landlords for usurious advertisements” . More headlines of the week:

Immobilien Zeitung on Blackstone: 200 billion euros cracked open

Building is still popular and so many Germans continue to invest in their own home. Not only house builders, of course, especially companies are getting involved in the market. Favourable interest rates, a good and solid economy, the best basis for investment and capital investment in real estate. In addition, there are many other interesting topics such as “Blackstone breaks the sound barrier of 200 billion euros” and “Wiesbaden villas cost an average of 1.7 million euros” in the magazine. The posts and more tips can be found here:

IM Immobilienmanager on refurbishment with a system

Systematic redevelopment, that’s what this week’s Immobilienmanager is all about. This week in IM Immobilienmanager, among others, articles on “The RETT blocker and the consequences for the real estate industry” and “The Grounds: development plan for planned urban quarter in Magdeburg to be finalised in 2020”. You can find more news here:

Spiegel headlines: “Sued out to increase profits?”

Of course, the Spiegel, as one of the leading media in Germany, also takes up the topic of termination for personal use. However, much more critical than previously Focus and Manager Magazin. The mirror says ready in the title “Rausgeklagt, so that the profit rises”. In the article the editorship goes on the current changes by the BGH judgement and calls the consequences for tenants and landlords. Also this week in Der Spiegel, the “Deceased soul legend Aretha Franklin: Will under the sofa cushion?”. Everything for an interesting Sunday: