Buy Cardano (ADA): Price, value and price history

Buy Cardano (ADA) – Currency trading with digital currencies is becoming increasingly popular. Those who used to invest in real estate as a capital investment are now building on Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano & Co! The cryptocurrency market is booming: after all, modern blockchain technology enables secure, efficient and anonymous transactions – and all without a bank! Do you also want to invest in Cardano? Or get into cryptocurrencies as an investment? Here I answer all your important questions about Cardano, Blockchain & Co.

Cardano (ADA): Facts, Figures & Quotes

Smart contracts, dApps and fast, secure transactions – the blockchain platform Cardano combines all of these. It is also the basis of the cryptocurrency ADA, which has been appearing in the form of vouchers since 2017. Unlike other digital currencies that go to market as coins, this is a voucher that can be exchanged for services and goods.
Although Cardano is still a relatively young blockchain, its developers have set a high goal. Cardano is supposed to become the third generation cryptocurrency and thus dethrone Bitcoin and Ethereum.

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Now before we get into the current value and price action, here are all the facts and figures about Cardano (ADA):

  • Cryptocurrency: Cardano (ADA)
  • Inventor: Charles Hoskinson
  • Publication: 2017
  • Consensus Algorithm: Proof of Stake
  • Average block size: 5.34 GB

Intraday (current daily price during the course)

The current Cardano exchange rate during the day.

Month: 30 days review of Cardano (ADA)

Here you can see the Cardano rate for the last 30 days.

Year in progress: 12 months

Here you can see the Cardano share price for the last 12 months.

Total runtime

Here you can see the Cardano rate for the entire term.

Crypto Alternatives: Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash

There are now over 4,500 cryptocurrencies. While that sounds like a large amount, only just under 100 of them reach a daily trading turnover of $1,000 or more. Other popular crypto alternatives to Cardano are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Dash! You can read more about the individual cryptocurrencies here.

Bitcoin (BTC): pioneer of cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin, or BTC for short, is now not only the best-known cryptocurrency in the world, but is also considered the first cryptocurrency ever. The first digital currency was invented by Satoshi Nakamoto. Who is behind it is still a mystery today. One thing is clear, however: Bitcoin has revolutionized the financial world forever.

Ethereum (ETH): Second generation cryptocurrency

Just like other cryptocurrencies, Ethereum is based on state-of-the-art blockchain technology. Ethereum itself is not a pure cryptocurrency, but can be used for blockchain projects of all kinds. As a decentralized ecosystem, Ethereum is therefore also often used as an open protocol for decentralized applications, such as smart contracts. Ethereum’s own cryptocurrency is called Ether – ETH for short.

Dash: Continuation of the Bitcoin

Hardly any coin has managed to grow as fast as Dash! The cryptocurrency is considered the sequel to the legendary Bitcoin. Unlike Bitcoin, Dash has the advantage that the hash algorithms are more energy and time efficient. As with its predecessor, transactions here remain secure, fast and efficient.

Cryptocurrencies: List

BitCoin, BitCoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple, Zcash or Binarcy Coin: they are considered the answer to traditional means of payment. The digitization and decentralization of money makes banks superfluous. Only buyers and sellers are responsible for the control and security of their digital money. You too want to invest in Bitcoin & Co? We have an overview of the most popular cryptocurrencies here.