7+ steps to a fast house sale in Castrop-Rauxel

Tricks and insider tips – how do I achieve a rising price through knowledge? Bestmöglichr house sale in Castrop-Rauxel: Every morning we receive emails but also in conversations on construction sites we get many inquiries. Neatly collected and clearly packed, we have here the basic questions about selling real estate.

House sale in Castrop-Rauxel

To begin with, it’s about – home and modern condo valuation, their very first realtor appointment. Whether The very first step is for you to be able to achieve the best selling price at the time . Acquire all the imperative know how in real estate market and now. If you want to save yourself some time, write to us, with the realistic price estimation of all properties all the mandatory know-how in the real estate market will help you and should you want to save yourself some time, contact us.

The new challenge: documents, forms , invoices and also receipts. Read here Relevant for sale and property valuation. Necessary applications & bills are among some other important documents which you definitely must have for viewings. A general trick, present your property with professionally created photographs. Quite simply, so that prospective buyers can literally make themselves much better already in the listing produced photo shots should always have a decent quality .

Haus verkaufen mit Makler

Determine an asking price for the property

A calculation of the selling price is essential a lot of information such as size, type of construction, defects, age and also condition and equipment of a property. Whereby it does not count what you had invested. As always, demand and supply determine the selling price. You should keep this in mind, as has always been the case, especially supply and demand of houses regulate the price a prospective buyer will spend Really, any calculation means a lot of time for research you have to find, for laymen it is clearly confusing to estimate the house value correctly, the best alternative, a coherent property valuation by our specialists.

Selling like local real estate professionals, the next challenge on the strategic plan: Developing an exposé for the property. Already when skimming the description of the object and the details around DZW and m² decides for the majority of prospective buyers, whether immediately goodwill is generated or not. As everywhere else it is also with houses, here almost only our first view counts, it is profitable therefore to invest some expenditure into an attractive advertisement. With all the little things you know as a real estate owner, sometimes even former residents, best. In the Exposè of your house everything must be included completely, as well as garden and green spaces, garage, pool for children or . Then comes the presentation, in an advertisement on a real estate portal but also in the good old newspaper. Then it is called wait and distract, on the first inquiry. Does your house arrive at observers of the advertisement?

Next, it’s all about: Accepting inquiries. Soon the first enquiries will come in response to the real estate advertisement you have placed. If you have appointed a real estate agent for the brokerage of the house, he will receive all the inquiries for you, only if more in-depth queries from prospective buyers arise, he will contact you personally.

Coordination and execution of the appointments for the house inspection

With every day the excitement grows. In order for the house to be brokered as easily and successfully as possible, an estate agent permanently arranges new appointments for viewing in Castrop-Rauxel with people who are interested in your property. If you wish, he or she will take over the agreed talks alone. However, you may also be present in the conversation.

Have the creditworthiness of the person interested in the property confirmed

So that you do not have to experience payment difficulties when selling your house, the solvency of the prospective buyer is checked immediately.

Now it is about: Notary appointment and conclusion from the contract of the purchase.In the further course your broker leads the closing talks, he also agrees on all the still to be discussed trifles of the contract, then your broker together with the notary prepares the notarial contract. For the notarization, the visit to the notary is mandatoryBuyer and seller sign the now complete purchase contract. Congratulations, with the signature the house is completely notarized sold.

Your todo list continues with the topic: Repayment of the negotiated purchase price after entry in the land register, or priority notice of conveyance. Notaries now enter the new passage in the land register as well as the so-called priority notice of conveyance. It ensures exemplarily for the fact that a salesman could not sell several times, i.e. to different prospective buyers at the same time to various prospective buyers. If the new owner could release the price to your bank account, the buyer will find out immediately from the notary. Do not forget to check afterwards whether the purchase amount is received on the bank account.


Payment of invoices for the previously appointed broker and notary public

After the contract of sale has been signed by the buyer and the seller, you will receive independent invoices from both parties.

With its 74 004 inhabitants, Castrop-Rauxel is one of the largest cities in North Rhine-Westphalia. In the now following step turns around: Paying land transfer tax to the treasury: Your last step as a seller in real estate sales…. If there is no more than a full 10 years between, you have to pay capital gains tax. On top of that, you may have to pay church tax and solidarity surcharge. Of course, exceptions are also made. For example, if you as the owner lived there for more than three years in owner occupation. However, if you can prove that you lived in the house yourself for more than 36 months and did not rent it out, you will be exempt from capital gains tax.

Regional change and real estate investment in Castrop-Rauxel

Your adviser real estate owner to Current purchase prices for the home, building land as well as apartments in Castrop-Rauxel. With a total area of 51.68 KM² Castrop-Rauxel has enough space for housing units currently live and enjoy 74 004 registered official persons. Flats and affordable housing are in demand with 1432 people per square kilometre. Comparing the figures with the whole of Germany, Castrop-Rauxel is home to 0.09% of Germans.

Real Estate Situation and New Construction – Where do manyCastrop-Rauxel residents live?

According to a nationwide survey by the Federal Statistical Office, 28,743 people own a house or terraced house and 4,551 are the proud owners of a condominium. In addition, there are 35,825 renting citizens. 43,662 married people and 30,342 single people live in the residential units. Therefore, one knows of course about the necessary need for action in the new construction of also affordable housing. How do new studies evaluate new construction costs? The existing housing need is high, so studies assume 26,911 housing units, only 33% of the current 22,425, only 17% of the forecasts register 31,396 completed apartments by 2020, currently statistically only 207 new housing units are created in Castrop-Rauxel, with a volume 2.9 billion euros.

Castrop-Rauxel’s districts know what residents are looking for

Castrop-Rauxel invites you to stay forever! The people of Castrop-Rauxel are on the whole absolutely satisfied with their housing situation; of the owners there are a proud 61,001 happy people who appreciate the environment, against only 13,003 not happy, a whole 47,999 more. But also among the tenants in Castrop-Rauxel there is a positive basic mood with 54,408 satisfied people. Most residents live in a detached house, not in an apartment. In single-family houses live 38,753 Castrop-Rauxeler, clearly more than as in houses with more than two renting parties, there live 22,996 or 11,477 people in two-family houses, the popular semi-detached house.

Regional growth: inhabitants in Castrop-Rauxel

Statistically Castrop-Rauxel has many, also young citizens, so for example 1,791 teenagers of 15-17 years as well as many for the regional economy relevant persons in the higher age, like 12,958 inhabitants of over 65 years,growth also in the development of the population.the trend continues in the same way, because already in four years according to statistical probability in approximately 76,450 citizens will live here, we throw now a view of new demographic calculations in the population for 2035.

Buying and selling: Real estate and financing in Castrop-Rauxel

The unused money is immensely high, a handsome 451,289,847 euros of constantly usable assets today in accounts or under pillows, even more, namely 514,260,524 euros are set aside in real estate. The total amount of transactions in the real estate market in Castrop-Rauxel amounts to 6,777,510,574.55 Euros annually, statistically speaking. In the construction of flats a whole 2.867.408.320,00 Euro are spent. Modernization plays an increasingly important role, especially in the major cities, with a projected investment of 3.4 billion euros. In total, the real estate sector generates 13,033,674,181.82 euros every 12 months.

Who is currently living rent-free? Castrop-Rauxel real estate ownership

With property ownership, life is clearly easier, with property owners existing in old and young. Let’s take a look at two values. According to a survey by empirica, 3,113 children up to the age of 10 now live in real estate, and the number increases slightly as they get older. Also due to the mastered toddler age and the conclusion that at least one parent is involved in the professional career, among the 11 to 21 year old teenagers live 3,854 in their own home, it goes down quite a bit among the 21 – 30 year old, they travel and are often on the road and looking for jobs throughout Germany, just 843 live in their own property. Increasingly in the own real estate we live, the older one becomes. Thus it rises with the 31 – 40 year olds 3,195 and somewhat over it, with the current persons between 41 and 50 years whole 5,525, at the age of 51 – 60 years live 5,059 in the own home and in the segment of the 61 to 70 year olds are it in this year 3,865, because the life evening spend again less in their own home, 2,394Einwohner.

Demography in Castrop-Rauxel

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
Own house 28.743
Condo 4.551
Apartment for rent 35.825
Shared apartment 4.877

Data source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowner / Age Quantity
0-10 3.113
11-21 3.854
21-30 843
31-40 3.195
41-50 5.525
51-60 5.059
61-70 3.865
71-80 2.394

Source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Change
1 30.342 32.562 2.220
2 25.161 26.641 1.480
3 8.880 7.400 -1.480
4 6.660 5.920 -740
5 + 2.220 2.146 -74

Data source: Federal Statistical Office


Households today 2035 Difference
1 39.222 41.442 2.220
2 21.461 20.721 -740
3 6.660 5.920 -740
4 4.440 4.366 -74
5 + 1.480 1.332 -148

Data source: Federal Statistical Office