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Real estate newspaper – up-to-date from Berlin this message reaches us today: The greening of roofs becomes the obligation for real estate owners. The greening of roofs on buildings brings many advantages with it, which is why the Berlin Senate has certainly decided in favour of the regulation today. From the relief of the sewerage system to the protection of resources to biodiversity – but also the image of the city plays a role. All real estate news can be found directly here: Immo News.

Green roof law: air and quality of life

Berlin’s urban development department counts the following advantages in the foreground:

  • Relief of the sewerage system
  • Resource protection
  • Improvement of the urban climate
  • Biodiversity
  • Increase of the quality of stay
  • Image factor
  • Compensation in the event of competition for land
  • Filtration of rainwater (for further use or infiltration)

Source: Urban Development Berlin

Hamburg: Greening of urban areas

Here you can see how concrete surfaces in Hamburg are also dipped in green.

Real Estate News:

Manager Magazin about luxury real estate in Berlin and Frankfurt

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Federal Gazette sees negative consequences in the buyer principle

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  • Germany needs a master plan for rental and social housing construction on new building land
  • Share deal plans harm Germany as a business location
  • Ordering principle has negative consequences presents current housing construction figures

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