Sending documents to the new landlord, the best delivery services

The person who shone during the apartment inspection or who has to send important documents for the house purchase or for the house sale needs reliable delivery services. After all, the sale or rental is so close to completion that there should be no more mistakes.

It is worth comparing the various parcel delivery services as well as the prices and costs for sending letters, and not just for sending letters once. Because many agencies, real estate agencies and other companies send letters and parcels more frequently. The fewest compare the providers!

Competition and prices are changing. The last postage increase for standard letters was only last year. Prices are changing, especially as the logistics industry continues to grow due to our changing consumer behavior towards the digital world.

Delivery services for documents, letters and parcels

Sending important documents should always be done with reputable suppliers. Anyone living in big cities such as Berlin or Frankfurt am Main knows that one or two letters or even one or two parcels can disappear. Of course, this should not happen when it comes to the new apartment or house. Always send important documents for new rentals, purchase and sale of houses by registered mail.

Prices for Shipping, Logistics and Evaluation – Comparison

Who are the major delivery service providers and who of them offers you the cheapest price for sending documents and letters? Today we look at the prices of the big and renowned mail order companies in Germany. Who sends our documents safely and inexpensively to new landlords or house buyers?

Letter is not the same as letter, shipping sizes

If you wanted to go to the post office quickly and then notice that the letter is 15 grams too heavy, then you don’t have the right change in your pocket, you know how unpleasant it is. Therefore, from the experience of life, one should always have a little extra change in one’s pocket when going to the nearest post office. This is because the various shipping classes are based not only on size but also on weight. For example, a three-page letter can still be used as a standard letter, but those who pack ten pages can sometimes end up in a larger class, depending on how thick the content is packed.

The various parcel delivery services naturally also have different individual units of measurement for the calculation of the packages. For example, Swiss Post uses the following units of measurement:

Formats Dimensions
Standard L: 14 – 23.5 cm 2) B: 9 – 12.5 cm H: up to 0.5 cmonly rectangular
Compact L: 10 – 23.5 cm 2) B: 7 – 12.5 cm H: up to 1 cmonly rectangular shape
Large L: 10 – 35.3 cm B: 7 – 25 cm H: up to 2 cm Square shape possible
Maxi L: 10 – 35.3 cm B: 7 – 25 cm H: up to 5 cm Square shape possible

(Source: Deutsche Post)

Logistics and dispatch in pagination

Especially due to the increase of online orders and the resulting demands on logistics work, the job is becoming more and more demanding for many parcel delivery companies. Of course, the price war is also cutting back on some services. So the parcel messenger no longer rings three times, often he gives it up after the first time. Sometimes the pressure of time is so great that the parcel carrier has no time at all and simply drives on. Every real estate agency has already experienced this! Whether it’s a simple standard letter or a large parcel that might even be needed for a weekend event, you’ll be disappointed if there’s a note in your mailbox on Friday informing you that nobody was around!

For companies but also for private persons it is therefore important to have a reliable and punctual shipping partner. Because not only the own company suffers from it, also with customers it comes badly, if e.g. a letter goes down, one asserts oneself that it was sent, he however never reached the receiver. A real gaffe for companies.

We hope to be able to give you a small overview with our comparison!