Simple and safe: Selling a house in Lippstadt

Private sale or better with real estate agent? On our Immo Blog you will come across the elementary questions that you should consider in today’s market situation for real estate, also in the planning for sales processes and construction companies for your property.

Calculation of the value of home and apartment, the first broker appointment

First of all, it is important to achieve the highest possible price to be able to achieve the current highest possible house pricefor prefabricated house and antique half-timbered house, elaborate on our blog the knowledge described here and further, imperative to consider in the sale of real estateResearch prices and if you want to save time, contact us a mail. In a realistic assessment of the value of real estate support you all the necessary knowledge in the real estate market, researching real estate prices and in the development of the selling price. If you want to save time and effort, please contact us.

Your subsequent challenge: architectural floor plans and plans. Read here important for the need various, more or less crucial papers. These include, for example, entries from the notary as well as valuations. A general tip from real estate agents, refine your home with professionally produced photos, so that all your prospects can make a much more complete picture produced images must have a good resolution (for example 1000×1500 pixels).

Haus verkaufen mit Makler in Lippstadt

The calculation of the sales price, which consists of credible basic data, a lot of information is valuable for buyers, such as size, type of house, quality of construction, defects, transport connections and also property condition and equipment, but here it does not count how much you have spent, as well as the countless work. as always, demand and supply of real estate determine the price. As always, supply and demand of houses dominate the target selling price that one of the interested parties will be willing to pay. You should take this fact into consideration so that there are no overly high aspirations in play Are you not sure about the property’s valuation when you are over-looking and over-thinking it? For the inexperienced, it is really quite stressful to assess the value of the house accurately.

The next step: Creation of the folder (exposé) for future prospective buyers of the property. Already with the first look at the description in the exposé of your broker selects itself for many possible prospective customers whether one is interested, wants to see interior photographs and wants to experience more. Like everywhere it is also with houses, here the first view counts to the majority. The time for a structured Exposé pays off, still something, as still owner you know around all details of the house In- and Auswendig. In the advertisement or exposé of the property, everything must be written down, such as special features of the property, or pool for children, etc. Your exposé is ready? The biggest sales chances have salesmen like you at present by the portal for real estates and dwellings, like dwelling wanted in addition, the reliable local daily paper. Then it is called impatiently waiting and drinking tea, for a first inquiry. Does your house arrive at visitors of the exposé?

Next comes on your todo list with the item: manage queries about the property and general calls.Soon come the first inquiries, had you brought an agent for the placement of your home to it he or she takes the responses. Only if questions come, he takes up immediately personal contact with you.

The new task: Meeting for viewing with potential interested parties.every hour the tension rises, so that your house is sold as easily as possible and of course successfully, your real estate agent makes regular viewing appointments in Lippstadt with interested parties who are interested in your property. The real estate agent takes over each appointment, of course owners can be on site with, make sure you make a flawless impression at the scheduled viewing appointment. Because our eye buys with us.

Next on the list is: Credit check: have the purchasing power of the person interested in your property confirmed. A prospective buyer wants to purchase the property? Your experienced real estate agent will now of course immediately obtain credit information to check whether the alleged buyer can finance the house, so you do not spoil in the future payment defaults.

The next task: On to the notary’s visit and conclusion of the final purchase contract. A new owner has been found, now the agent conducts the final talks with the possible next homeowner, he clarifies the details of the contract. Then, together with the notary’s office, your agent prepares the notarized contract. And sure, for the notarization you definitely have to go to the notarySeller and buyer of the property sign the contract of sale. Thus, you have sold your house certified, we congratulate, so now you are left with only small tasks for sellers.

After the updating in the land register, respectively the priority notice of conveyance, the negotiated purchase price can be transferred immediately.

Your notary’s office is now planning the mandatory entry in the land register, and a priority notice of conveyance will also be entered. This ensures, for example, that there is no risk of a multiple sale to several buyers who are not known to each other. Finally, your notary will inform the new owner as soon as he can transfer the purchase price to your bank. Check whether the amount has been credited to your own account.

Next, it is a matter of: Payment of Umkosten for broker and notary.Transfer as a seller subsequently the payment of the , immediately after the planned conclusion of the purchase agreement with your notary.

With 67 812 people, Lippstadt is already counted among the large cities in North Rhine-Westphalia and also in Germany. Then comes: Calculated land transfer tax to pay to the carrier.At the completed sale of your property may possibly tax on the capital gain be assessed and if a private sale and the transfer of the property is below 10 years, in addition come possibly church tax and solidarity surcharge, however, some legal exceptions are still made here. Exemplary, if you have lived as an owner over 3 years]36 months in own use on site. However, if you have lived in the house yourself for more than three years and have never rented it out, you will be exempt.

Housing market, real estate and demographic trends in Lippstadt: existing and new buildings

From housing demand and statistical new construction to inhabitants in Lippstadt. In Lippstadt’s center and outskirts currently live Lippstadt thousand inhabitants, from south to north on 113.68 KM². Lippstadt is so among the large German cities, Lippstadt is not far from North Rhine-Westphalia’s state capital Lippstadt. With 597 people per km², housing is of course rare, a total of 0.08% of German citizens are registered in Lippstadt.

Real estate situation and new construction – Where do the majority of Lippstadters live?

The Federal Statistical Office published new statistics on Germany this year, according to which 26,338 people live in their own home. In addition, there are 32,828 tenants, shared apartments, on the other hand, have a minimal total share of only 4,469 tenants. Of all residents, 40,009 are married and 27,803 are singles. That is why, of course, one knows of the compelling need for action in the construction of new housing units. What assessments could be summarized from specialized surveys? The current need for housing is unabated, recently published studies assume 24,659 new apartments, still 33% of 20,549, only 17% of the forecasts see 28,769 completed apartments in the coming years, what number of apartments will really be built according to statistics? Currently, only about 190 new apartments are completed in Lippstadt. Because of this, Lippstadt invests a proud 2,627,488,960.00 euros per year.

Lippstadt’s neighborhood knows what residents want

Most residents in Lippstadt are mostly happy where they live. So as extrapolated 55,897 owners who like their own living environment, against only 11,915 dissatisfied, a whole 43,983 more, a similar friendly picture manifests itself also with the tenants, with 49,855 people, compared to 17,957 people who are dissatisfied despite new construction projects and efficient transport links. Did you know, the vast majority of citizens live in a single-family house and no apartment, in a single-family house live 35,510 Lippstadter, so much more than in houses with more than two tenants, here live 21,072 and 10,517 people in two-family houses, respectively.

The development of Lippstadt: tomorrow and today

Lippstadt has many young citizens, for example 4,462 teenagers from 6-14 years but also many older citizens, such as 3,580 citizens aged 50-64 years, growth is also found in the predicted development of the population. Lippstadt’s number of residents is increasing regularly, from 67,243 citizens a little more than 4 years ago, Lippstadt increased by 569 to now statistically 68,379, the trend continues in the same way, already in four years about 70,053 citizens will live here, that is another 2,241 citizens, we now look at current demographic prospects in the population in the next twenty years in Lippstadt.

413,529,905 euros could be spent by residents and companies in Lippstadt

The investment capital has increased immensely, unbelievable 413,529,905 euros in constantly usable financial assets, according to statistical calculation bases of the Bundesbank currently in Lippstadt bank accounts, far greater financial resources, because statistically 471,231,753 euros are tied up in real estate, did you expect so much capital? Statistically really large amounts are converted annually by sales and purchases and/or real estate transactions, up to 6.2 billion euro, in the same period 2.6 billion euro were used in the housing construction, the modernization plays in particular in large cities an increasingly standardized topic with up-to-date 3.1 billion euro investments, altogether the market for real estates generates unbelievable 11,943,131,636.36 euro annually.

Living rent-free in Lippstadt: This is how living in private property is distributed according to age

How are property owners distributed, how many Lippstadters fortunately live rent-free? Briefly a fewindividual examples. According to calculation (empirica), 2,852 toddlers up to 10 years of age live in apartments or houses today, with the older children, or young people, there are already a few more, possibly because parents have survived the toddler phase well and are more firmly anchored in their careers, some now invest their first property, with the 11 to 21 year old children live 3,532 in their own home, then comes a bend, with 21-30 years, of them statistically 773 people live rent-free. The older we are, the more likely we are to live in our own property. Thus it is with the 31-40 year olds 2.927 and with the 41-50 year olds even whole 5.063. At the age of 51-60 years live 4.636 Lippstadter in the own real estate. With the 61-70 year old seniors there are still 3,541, not quite so many spend their own twilight years in their often self-built home, only 2,194 of all 67,812 people.

Statistics in Lippstadt

Housing situation – apartment

Housing situation Number
House 26.338
Condo 4.170
Rent 32.828
Shared apartment 4.469

Source: Federal Statistical Office

Home ownership

Homeowners in Lippstadt (age) Units
0-10 2.852
11-21 3.532
21-30 773
31-40 2.927
41-50 5.063
51-60 4.636
61-70 3.541
71-80 2.194

Data source: empirica / LBS Research


Surrounding Area

Households today 2035 Difference
1 27.803 29.837 2.034
2 23.056 24.412 1.356
3 8.137 6.781 -1.356
4 6.103 5.425 -678
5+ 2.034 1.967 -68

Source: Federal Statistical Office


Households / persons today 2035 Growth
1 35.940 37.975 2.034
2 19.665 18.987 -678
3 6.103 5.425 -678
4 4.069 4.001 -68
5 + 1.356 1.221 -136

Source: Federal Statistical Office