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Follow-up financing calculator: providers in comparison – free check

Brokerage contract – The decisive facts

Real estate agent contract – Your decision to have your house professionally brokered is an important step towards a timely sale. After you have decided to take over the services of real estate agents, the contract is concluded. You can choose between a simple, a sole and a qualified sole brokerage contract. If you want […]

Buy Multi-Family Residential: Property Evaluation, Procedure, Costs, Taxes & Tenants

Buy an apartment building- Your idea has manifested itself and your dream of a house becomes reality. You have already looked at some properties, compared prices and set your budget for buying a house. Before you go into closer negotiations with sellers or reserve a property, you should plan the house financing and determine your […]

Own use – termination, objection & hardship cases

Own need – Every landlord has the right to terminate the lease with a notice of own need, if he himself or family members want to use the apartment. However, the notice period is designed to be tenant-friendly, must be precisely proven and there are many regulations for so-called hardship cases such as single parents […]

Sell house despite credit

If selling the house is unavoidable, you can sell despite having a current loan. It is important that you choose an option that causes you as little additional costs as possible. If the sale takes place in the first 10 years of the financing, the bank can demand an early repayment penalty if the financing […]

Own need notice BGH judgement and rising prices for buyers – Immo News KW21

Own need notice – the BGH judgement is today the large topic in the real estate newspapers. Even in the Focus and mirror the editorship goes on the judgement. The mirror asks in the title “Rausgeklagte, so that the profit rises?” – an important question, for thousands of tenants every year. The current construction boom […]

Consumer’s right of withdrawal when concluding a contract

Right of withdrawal – If the contract was concluded outside the business premises of a broker or by means of distance communication, the consumer has the right of withdrawal. So, a right of withdrawal only exists in cases where the law has expressly granted such a right. If this is not the case, then each […]