Roof renovation – above-rafter insulation, costs & photovoltaics

Definition, re-roofing & above-rafter insulation

Roof renovation – Roof renovation refers to the repair of a roof in terms of thermal insulation and waterproofing. Often the roof renovation is carried out as soon as minor damage, such as loose or loose tiles, are noticed. In exceptions and in the case of larger damages, a complete new covering of the roof is also carried out. For this purpose, above-rafter insulation is often used, which is attached to the roof truss over the entire surface. If there is a desire for photovoltaics on the roof, it is a good idea to plan a system as part of a roof renovation.

Requirements & possibilities

However, before starting the renovation, the craftsman looks at the exact structure of the house. It is looked whether it is an old building, new building, with flat roof or pitched roof. Then the options are discussed with the owner of the property and the duration of the work is planned. If they happen to be a roofer themselves, or are very handy, they can also do the roof renovation themselves. In any case, the last step before the actual renovation is to obtain the necessary building permits.

Costs, promotion & free photovoltaic system

The costs of a roof renovation are calculated from the material costs and the personnel costs for architects and craftsmen. Depending on the type of roof renovation, there is the possibility of receiving a grant of 10% from the KFW or a subsidy in the form of a particularly favorable loan. There is also the option to receive a completely free roof renovation. After the total costs are determined, the exact costs per square meter can be calculated. To do this, they must apply to a photovoltaic power producer and then receive in the best case a free roof renovation, including installation and lease income for the provision of their roof.

Roof renovation at a glance

  • Repair, thermal insulation and waterproofing of the roof
  • Full-surface insulation with above-rafter insulation
  • Analysis: old building, new building, flat roof or pitched roof
  • Do it yourself – only with craftsman expertise
  • Building permits are necessary
  • KFW subsidy 10% or favourable loan
  • Free roof renovation with photovoltaic system & lease possible

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