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Speculation tax real estate: sale of land, apartment, house incl. amount & deadline

How much is the speculation tax? When is speculation tax payable? Or when is there no speculation tax? This tax is important when you sell a property. No matter if it is a plot of land, an apartment, a house or an apartment building. Learn more about real estate sales here : Taxes. Speculation tax […]

Loans: Debt contract, Loan Interest & Advances

Loan – By definition, a loan is a debt contract in which the lender provides the borrower with money or an item of property temporarily and the borrower then repays the value provided plus the agreed loan interest. Compared to a loan, a loan usually involves a larger volume of money and is granted for […]

Owners’ association: Two parties, consent rental, voting rights & tax declaration

Homeowners Association – The homeowners association are the owners at a property with multiple homes. Two parties, consent rental, voting rights & tax declaration, on the subject of community of owners, there are many technical terms and legal requirements that you need to know. Owners’ association at a glance They hold regular owners’ meetings to […]

Double glazing – frame, retrofit & price

Double glazing – Double glazing is a construction element consisting of two panes of glass, which is installed in a plastic or wooden frame. The cavity that is created between two panes of glass serves as thermal insulation and thus ensures that energy is saved. This cavity is usually filled with an inert gas to […]

Uniform facade design – condominium, paint & old building

Uniform façade design – Regulated by the owner or, in the case of apartment buildings, by the condominium owners’ association. If a tenant or owner of a condominium changes something on his facade, he must obtain the corresponding consent. It does not matter whether it is a different color, a change in the plaster or […]

Heating with wood: logs, pellets, energy efficiency, costs + video

Heating with wood – There is a lot of ignorance and unanswered questions around this topic. As an alternative to gas and petroleum, more people are again using wood to heat their homes and for hot water. Although many people consider burning wood to be more expensive and more harmful to the environment, it is […]

Condominium: capital investment, house money & notary public

Condominium – A condominium is a residential unit in a two- or multi-party building. This can be purchased either through a real estate agent, usually from a housing company, or privately and commission-free through acquaintances. The buyer is also allowed to rent out the property if he has not already bought it rented, which is […]

Burglary protection – basement windows, police & promotion

Burglary protection – A distinction is made between active and passive burglary protection. Active burglary protection means a security service or information days where you are informed about security measures. Passive burglary protection is special security on windows, balconies, terraces, cellars and front doors as well as alarm systems. From the protection of doors up […]

Real estate marketing

Real estate marketing – Real estate marketing happens today mostly over the Internet. Either about an estate agent’s office or, nevertheless, directly about the landlord since many advertisements are to be found in Internet portals. However, it makes sense to be advised by a competent broker. Real estate marketing at a glance Via the Internet […]

Own use – termination, objection & hardship cases

Own need – Every landlord has the right to terminate the lease with a notice of own need, if he himself or family members want to use the apartment. However, the notice period is designed to be tenant-friendly, must be precisely proven and there are many regulations for so-called hardship cases such as single parents […]

Circuit diagram – drawing, reading & the electrical engineering

Circuit Diagram – A circuit diagram is a graphical record of the electrical circuit using standardized physical symbols. Creating such a diagram requires a sound basic knowledge of electrical engineering. From the basiscs like the meaning of an alternating circuit to the exact workings of light switches, sockets and the like. If something is changed […]

Mould – in the bathroom, detect early & combat effectively

Mold – Mold develops in the house or apartment due to excessive moisture buildup in the walls, but especially in the bathroom. The formation usually starts due to a defective masonry or water pipe, so moisture gets in there. Another way mold can start is due to improper ventilation and heating, so too much moisture […]