Double glazing – frame, retrofit & price

Double glazing – Double glazing is a construction element consisting of two panes of glass, which is installed in a plastic or wooden frame. The cavity that is created between two panes of glass serves as thermal insulation and thus ensures that energy is saved. This cavity is usually filled with an inert gas to prevent the pane from fogging up from the inside. Argon is usually used for this purpose. Another advantage is that double glazing has a sound-absorbing effect. Not only for new buildings but also for existing window systems in good condition, it is worthwhile to retrofit double or even triple glazing. In rare cases, there are also triple glazing window systems that have an even more heat-insulating and sound-insulating effect. If multiple glazed windows should ever mist up from the inside, it is usually a small crack in the pane or on the frame of the window through which the moisture penetrates. The price for a window with double glazing starts at 80€.

Double glazing at a glance

  • A building element consisting of two glass panes
  • Installed in a plastic or wooden frame
  • Cavity filled with inert gas as thermal insulation
  • Energy saving and sound insulating
  • In rare cases: Triple glazing
  • Costs: from 80€ per window

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