Instagram stars: the most popular accounts

Instagram users are young and have purchasing power. Their interests are not much different from those of previous generations. In their younger years, people look for role models and idols, often stars. This is also shown by one of the latest statistics on the social network Instagram from statista. The study once looked for the most successful Instagram accounts. Unsurprisingly, stars and celebrities are at the top of the list. Stars like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift.

Trends: celebrities on Instagram

Young, talented, popular: these are the top 10 Instagram accounts:

  • Beyonce (singer) – 39.87 million fans on Instagram
  • Kim Kardashian (TV celebrity) – 39.02 million fans on Instagram
  • Ariana Grande – 37.74 million fans on Instagram
  • Taylor Swift (singer) – 37.47 million fans on Instagram
  • Btw. 1st place is Instagram itself, with 84.14 million fans
  • Selena Gomez (actress) – 36.98 million fans on Instagram
  • Justin Bieber (singer) – 32.95 million fans on Instagram
  • Kendall Jenner – 31.33 million fans on Instagram
  • Kylie Jenner – 28.96 million fans on Instagram
  • Nicki Minaj (singer) – 28.46 million fans on Instagram

Instagram – Young target groups with clear preferences

Instagram users are interested in stars and celebrities, as the statistics show. It is also noticeable that many women are favored. Only one male celebrity makes it into the Instagram Top 10 ranking of the most popular accounts: Justin Bieber (singer). However, the predominantly young, tech-savvy and trend-conscious user group also offers you as a company great opportunities to promote your brand: Advertising on Instagram.

Promotion through product placement and partnerships on Instagram

Back then there was Bravo, today it’s Instagram. Whether it’s favorite stars, celebrities, friends or acquaintances. Most young people are on Instagram. They all follow people who are usually ‘looked up to’. If you know how to connect your brand or service with these influencers, you can position your branding strongly within this young target group. Activating the young user group requires special approaches. Product placements and permanent promotions are gaining in importance. Advertising is only possible to a limited extent, because Instagram is almost 100% a mobile application. But it is possible, as shown by partnerships and advertising deals that already exist in the USA. Germany will be next. If you position your company early enough, you will be able to achieve excellent profits in the coming years.

Influencer Marketing Basics from A-Z

Since we have extremely many requests in our social media agency, we wanted to clarify once for all how influencer marketing works. With our agency, we focus on long-term engagements for our talents. However, many online stores, companies and agencies also need help and support for ‘smaller’ projects. For that, we now have this 6-part free online course on Influencer Marketing. Based on our Instagram software Social Analytics, I show all the steps it takes to set up a successful influencer marketing concept. From the initial definition to monitoring the campaign. More tutorials on social media, marketing, Photoshop, WordPress, SEO, and more can be found on my advertising agency Youtube channel.

Social Media Marketing! Facebook, Instagram & Influencer

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