Individual advertising agency websites for VIPs, stars and celebrities

Advertising agencies usually work off projects. One client is the next and the next client is also just another one. However, when you work as an advertising agency for public figures, i.e. celebrities and VIPs, there is much more to consider than just a standardized production flow. To present celebrities in the right light requires a great deal of trust and understanding. Persons are not legal entities, they have special needs and demands, all of which are justified. Unlike managers in companies, stars and celebrities, are persons who become with themselves and their lives. Every attack, every stigma is therefore not related to an anonymous company but to the person. Protection, trust and understanding are therefore the A&O for the cooperation of advertising agency and celebrities.

Look & Feel – How to reach fans with advertising agency

When working on media for public figures, whether celebrities or stars, it is particularly important (as mentioned above) to find an individual look and feel. Well-known personalities do not only represent a brand but themselves. This means that they as a person are always in the spotlight. Their own person is in the foreground and is just as present in the media as it is in people’s minds. Even if it sounds like a detail, especially the protection of the privacy of public persons is a special asset. This must be protected, especially as a media manager and social media manager, that is, as a person of trust. So just like your brand, there is always a person in the public eye. The right mix of brand and person is the essence of success. That’s why a coherent look & feel in particular is considered a sign of quality in the production of media.

Design, layout and usability – How to retain fans

So that the look & feel of your own website or internet page is right, it is especially important to have a coherent design. A design should transport more than just images and graphics – rather ideas, ideas and inspiration for visitors. In the age of digital media, media designs have special requirements. Websites are accessed on mobile especially in the lifestyle & trend sector, which includes celebrities and stars. So if you want to have your own website designed, you should always make sure to include mobile devices in the development.

Retrieval at events: Mobile websites

Users like to retrieve information via mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The retrieval of data therefore usually takes place from the mobile network. Data volumes and quantities are therefore often limited when accessing the prominent website.

Websites of celebrities are accessed in everyday life, but especially at and during events. Events can be very diverse, from a film premiere to a gala event. During such events, as shown by the social media channels of international stars, Internet users access the social media channels and websites of the stars much more frequently. In order to protect your new agency website from this, it is advisable to consider not only the design but also the systems. Especially in times of high traffic, your own website must not collapse.

Marketing through references – The video/image portfolio at Stars

After we as an agency have checked all variables of media development, we face the often large volume of data through media and reference portfolios of the celebrities. Visuals and photos are often a dime a dozen. While essential pieces like text content often fall short. But for every star it is important to offer their own references. On the web are only not fans, also potential clients and agents are on the move. They create a first impression and should therefore always have a flawless portfolio to see. Especially important for:

  • Models and photomodels
  • Actors
  • Persons of the public, media life
  • Stylists / Make-Up Artists
  • Uvm.

Videos – Cross-media connection of social media channels and website

Essentially important is therefore (think of the mobile devices), to keep data volumes as low as possible. Therefore, we as an advertising agency always plan strategically and compress all photo sets at the beginning. For video recordings and film references, we as an agency always recommend using existing systems such as Youtube, Vimeo & Co. On the one hand, these systems already provide sophisticated streaming techniques, which do not limit the own bandwidth of the website too much. On the other hand, you connect, very modern, cross-media different media and social media channels to a network. The synergies of this combination of different platforms, lets users jump between the channels and always increases the overall reach.

Conclusion – Advertising agency with experience and references

With this small, concise guideline, we as an advertising agency package the story of stars, VIPs and celebrities in digital form: Websites, Portfolio Websites and more. Our clients have a strong media presence, on TV, social media and in magazines. We work especially in the fashion and lifestyle sector, so we accompany make-up artists, models and fashion photographers. But we also create high-quality websites and media appearances for artists and actors. We inspire people with your skills – chic and smartly packaged.