People Agencies: Recommendations for characters, best agers, tattoo models, etc.

People Agency Germany – The dream of every model? The big advertising campaigns and photo shoots! No matter if it is for TV advertising, social media, especially for YouTube or the classic lookbook of the fashion designer. If you want to fulfill your dream, you need a good management or a good agency behind you! In addition to the classic model agencies, which primarily serve fashion customers and customers from the high fashion industry, there is also an agency type that specializes in advertising and people with character, People Agencies! Whether key in Berlin, characters for NRW or public heroes in Berlin, there are good agency recommendations for every city and region.

People advertising agencies: Tips

People agencies, just like model agencies, place talented people with clients for jobs. The task of an agency is always to select the best talents for its clients. If you make it into a good agency, you’ll have a chance at jobs. The measurements are not decisive, but the character and your look!

Best ager, tattoos, a wild mane, crooked teeth or the housewife next door. In advertising, new faces are always sought for productions around TV, City Lights, Bill Boards, and much more. Here I have a selection of first people agencies for you. Find out more below!

STIL Models in Germany

Hansaring 1 / Linienstraße 119
50670 Cologne + Berlin

Karaktere für People in NRW

Südstrasse 49
42119 Wuppertal

TASTE People & Creatives in Hamburg

Thadenstraße 52
22767 Hamburg

Public Heroes in Berlin

Windscheidstraße 23
10627 Berlin

Pretty Normal in Hannover

Weidendamm 10
30167 Hannover

Agencies for advertising in Berlin, Hamburg and all of Germany

There are people agencies in all major German cities. It is advisable for new talents to look for an agency in the immediate vicinity. This not only gives you personal and family contact, but also more opportunities for good jobs, as most customers are often located close to the agencies. Customers from Berlin book mostly with Agencies from Berlin, exactly the same as resident of Munich customers gladly with Agencies from Munich book. The proximity to your own agency is therefore quite helpful for your own career! Therefore, you should also be considered at the beginning of the search: Where’s the nearest good agency?

In advertising, you can’t work as a young person, 14, 15 or 16 years old. Even as a “normal person” you can earn your living in the advertising world. Especially when it comes to commercials, people are naturally also sought who have something special or striking about them. These can be tattoos, but also a special hairstyle or blatant teeth. It doesn’t always have to be extreme. Just imagine a muesli commercial, here you would take ordinary people sitting together at the breakfast table. The same applies to advertising for soft drinks and much more. In any case, interesting people are sought who, together with others, form an exciting overall picture.

How to apply in a people agency?

Many people ask themselves the question: How do I become a model? The first step is always a few photos and your application in an agency.

  1. First photos for the agency application
  2. E-Mail cover letter in very short form with picture material
  3. No make-up, no outfit, just you

First photos for the agency application

If you want to apply to an agency, you should make sure that you have two good photos of yourself. The photos do not have to be produced professionally, e.g. by a photographer for models, you can do them easily with your mobile phone! Whether Samsung or iPhone, just grab your phone, find a bright wall, best with daylight, let’s go! Take a portrait of yourself, then a full body photo. Now turn 90 degrees and take a profile picture of yourself, also in portrait and overall body. The easiest way is with a friend who takes the pictures quickly.

E-Mail cover letter in very short form with pictures

In the next step you formulate a short e-mail, super short! If a scout from an agency finds you, he’ll be satisfied with your pictures. You don’t have to write much about yourself about what you’ve done in your life or where you’ve lived. Every model agent, no matter if in a model agency or in a people agency, it is enough to see pictures, name, age, place of residence and measurements to know.

Naturally wins! No make-up, no outfit, just you

In any case, you should make sure that your pictures are as natural as possible, especially if you are a woman! Many forget that make-up or too flashy styling distracts from their own person. Also reluctantly seen are gel nails or extensions or hair extensions. As a model you should always take care to keep your look, because once you have created your Modelmappe, the customer books one based on the look seen. If you now change your appearance, the customer will be very dissatisfied with the photo shooting set. This is important later in the job as a model, but also at the beginning, when you apply in an agency.

Be as natural as you can, don’t try to distract yourself with anything. Naturalness is the be-all and end-all and is extremely valued not only by agencies, but also by customers.

If you want to start now, here are some more recommendations for people agencies all over Germany, from Munich to Hamburg and Berlin.

People Agencies in Berlin

Public Heroes

Windscheidstraße 23
10627 Berlin

FF People

Knesebeckstraße 26
10623 Berlin


Rosenthaler Straße 49
10178 Berlin

So & Anders

Wiclefstraße 9
10551 Berlin

People Agencies in Hamburg

TASTE – People & Creatives

Thadenstraße 52
22767 Hamburg


Gasstraße 4
22761 Hamburg


Lerchenstr. 1062
22767 Hamburg

  • Elbfänger auf Facebook

O O M O Agency

Ekhofstraße 17
22087 Hamburg

People Agencies in Munich

Zimt Casting

Zentnerstr.33 / RGB
80798 München

People Agencies in Cologne / Dusseldorf

Everyday People

Lichtstr. 43d
50825 Köln


Südstrasse 49
42119 Wuppertal

People Agenturen für Models in Hannover

Pretty Normal

Weidendamm 10
30167 Hannover