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Online marketing agency for Hamburg – fall back on personal consulting and expertise with core competencies in strategic marketing, strategy and design. Digital marketplaces are multifaceted, large and sometimes not very clear. Your experts for digital transformation and brand positioning of the brand. The more important is a pre-targeted digital marketing strategy and the selection of the right channels. This starts with digital transformation in the company and continues with Big Data and consulting for digital advertising and content marketing. Read all about our online marketing agency & consultants here.

Online Marketing Agency for Hamburg: Retargeting and Targeting

All our experts and consultants are digital natives, so as consultants we realize concrete goals for companies and brands. The mobile web and digital media have changed the professional and private lives of every target group. One thing is certain under all circumstances, for practiced campaign managers small differences can be found everywhere. Marketing agencies we help you as consultants with expertise in various fields like retail, technology, trends moreover the insurance industry. Digital marketing with social, e-commerce newsletters, user tracking and A-B comparisons for accurate insight. Especially innovations in marketing mix like blogger and influencer marketing for reach and link building have a greater impact on almost all companies. Our agency will help you implement goals. Monitoring measures, your online marketing agency in Hamburg analyzes the economic net success of the digital campaigns after or during the active placement.

With targeted measures such as SEO or search engine optimization, you have long-lasting successes to record through the increased reach to your shop or even your own blog. Improve sales not only through social networks Amazon, increase sales directly in your online shop. Increase your digital sales now with rankings in search portals. We help you not only as media managers, but also as coaches in as speakers at event and in internal training for employees. Unite your managers old and new markets with expertise, combine the mix of online and offline marketing methods.

The term online, points executives in online marketing to the given advantages and disadvantages. does not hit all areas of people’s lives. Working with marketing is about a lot, so let’s throw together an eye on the most important sub-areas. With the individual steps and the everyday media work principals do not deal thereby, here trust the online marketing management. Clients are not concerned with the day-to-day work and the details of media planning. For advertising, marketing and PR agencies, close cooperation with your departments is important. In media planning, the smooth exchange of specific information makes strategies more compressed and effective.

Fans of your brand and additional sales! Image optimization in social networks

Tell your users a company story in social media and inspire new fans for many years, especially as an owner-managed company. The Internet as a sales channel, with all its extremely fast processes and its speed of dissemination, is a fixed component in the media mix of project managers. Build brand fans today. A third of Germans are registered with the market leader Facebook alone, a high number of potential customers in Hamburg as well, which you can advertise to with extreme precision. Low wastage, due to the very finely controllable target group approach. The sharper your target group, the higher your user interaction rate of your social media channel. With functions like Graph Search from market leader Facebook, your project manager has great techniques at his disposal. Not only to analyze fans precisely.

Blogger for your Influencer Marketing

For you, it’s about inspiring experts in a field as brand advocates. Through the takeover of Instagram by Facebook, your social media managers have the same ad options in the Admanager and we as an agency can address your customers in Hamburg very precisely with ads. A large number of marketers do not yet see Instagram as a wide-reaching channel to reach new target groups. Influencers can exert influence on the assessment and evaluation of services and brands and thus positively influence for you. Due to the very individual users, you can always count on little wastage in campaigns of promotional activities.

Influencer Marketing Basics from A-Z

Since we have an extremely high volume of inquiries at our social media agency, we wanted to clarify for everyone how influencer marketing works. With our agency, we focus on long-term engagements for our talents. However, many online shops, companies and agencies also need help and support for ‘smaller’ projects. For that, we now have this 6-part free online course on Influencer Marketing. Based on our Instagram software Social Analytics, I show all the steps it takes to set up a successful influencer marketing concept. From the initial definition to monitoring the campaign. More tutorials on social media, marketing, Photoshop, WordPress, SEO, and much more can be found on my advertising agency Youtube channel.

Tip. More on this topic can be found in our social media agency:

Search engine optimization and monitoring for better performance of your shop

What does SEO mean? SEO basically deals with the targeted, structured page construction for good organic visibility in the major search engines and comparison portals. The occupation of the globalized, digital market is absolutely profitable for brands. No matter if traffic is generated by keywords in the long tail, by well planned keywords or even by buying backlinks from blogs and portals. In management, search engine optimization has a lot of prestige, because successes are very sustainable and companies benefit so the coming months and years. Therefore, your online shop will get much more quality clicks on your offer, all simply through online marketing concepts and constant search engine optimization (SEO). Thus, the shop is listed much higher, much better than the competition.

Newsletter Funnel for your own online shop

Your visitors will appreciate it. Give your visitors added value and focus your sales process on funnel marketing. Newsletter open rates are very high and therefore effective for online marketing. Funnels then only play out a pre-created content process that leads to a sale. The online shop is an excellent way to generate new contact data for your own newsletter marketing. Afterwards, subscribers are very accurately re-advertised through online marketing methods such as the funnel.

Review of targets with monitoring of ROI and KPIs

The subsequent monitoring of all sales channels is controlled by software such as Google Analytics for homepages or the Facebook Business Manager. The insightful usage and user data, help to get to know the very own wishes of all your users more precisely.

Expertise and online marketing consulting for executives in Hamburg

Are you looking for the perfect manager for your project? Influencer marketing is about gaining multipliers for your brand. To get multipliers who are in demand as experts. All our managers help clients as an agency and company to create absolutely high-quality results for their prospects at all times.

The ideal marketing manager in Berlin for your online campaign. Our online marketing agency accompanies you and your project throughout the entire production process. With exclusively selected photographers and partners in Germany and Europe-wide. The managers and consultants ensure perfectly planned and without effort for you. Fast infrastructure, fast response times, don’t wait for recommendations for action. As a marketing agency we help your staff to create sophisticated ways, strategies for your digital campaigns.