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Modeling in Berlin – The entry into the business is for young models a difficult undertaking, the success is strongly dependent on own dedication and ambition. The cooperation with a good model agency can already contribute a lot to success. Below you will find a list of the best agencies in Berlin. You want to become a model in Berlin and are still looking for the perfect model portfolio? In the model blog I have many tips for your first modelbook and the best recommendations on Amazon. More tips? Read more about model application: Your first step to modeling.

Model Agency – Recommendations for Models in Berlin

Do you like modeling and are you looking for a good modeling agency that is near you? The following list consists of the best agencies in Germany

Izaio Models

Almstadtstraße 7, 10119 Berlin

CM Models

Kollhoff Tower, Potsdamer Platz 1, 10785 Berlin

Viva Models

Friedrichstraße 210, 10969 Berlin

MC Fit Models

Saarbrücker Straße 36a, 10405 Berlin

Seeds Models

Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Strasse 7, 10178 Berlin

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How to find a serious and good model agency in Berlin

You are looking for a reputable model agency in Berlin? For the career as a model, there are only two really relevant options in the entry into the industry. There are large model agencies that can represent you as a model or individual model agents or model bookers who take over your management to customers and potential customers.

Is it about the question, what does a modeling agency actually do?

A model agency or a model management ensures that you are optimally presented to customers. They negotiate optimal prices for you and always try to bring out your best in casting, clients and campaigns. With the experience of an established model management, it is much easier to get a foothold. Here you always have a serious contact person when it comes to negotiating usage rights.

The job of a model is not only to stand in front of the camera! If a client makes money with your shots, you should profit from it. Shouldn’t you? That’s why it makes a big difference if your photos are shown for example only in Germany, in several countries, all over Europe or even worldwide. In addition, the time period plays a big role when it comes to calculate your garage. For example, is a picture only to be seen for 3 months in a fashion online shop or for years in an image brochure? In addition to the factors of place and time, there is also the media. Will the photos or videos only be used online? Will there also be a print campaign? Will the videos perhaps also be shown on television or in the cinema? Your management is there for all these questions. Meanwhile, you can fully concentrate on his career.

  • Price negotiation, quotations and customer acquisition
  • Rights of use (time, place, media)

How do I recognize a good Berlin model agency?

As a model, you can easily find out about a reputable management by looking at the existing model board. Are the models you see here representative, do they have international measurements, clients you know or have they done campaigns? All this information you can see for example in the sedcards of the models. The international modeling business, usually starts at a height of 175 cm. Men should usually be 10 cm taller. In the international metropolises, such as Paris, New York and Milan, it is even 177cm. More exciting information about the model agency you can always find in the blogs of the agencies. Here you can see if the agency is active, had new interesting jobs or new models. Here you can also see if a model agency is only regionally active, nationally or internationally.

  • Look at the model board and its quality
  • Take a look at the individual sedcards and models
  • Check out the blog of the model agency
  • Click on on Facebook and Instagram

Looking for experiences from others can also help you. But mostly only with real “rip-off agencies”. But be careful, you will often find negative comments from disappointed or rejected models. These do not always have to correspond to the truth. Often anger about the agency plays a role, sometimes models were simply not accepted, sometimes they had a bad day.

So my recommendation is, see what the agency is doing, is that active or not. Do you see new pictures on Facebook, Instagram or not? That’s how you make out a good agency! Here you can also find a good recommendation!



Starboxx Model Agency & Casting Agency

Fasanenstr. 35A, 10719 Berlin

UCastMe GmbH

Heidestr. 46, 10557 Berlin

Accando Models

Breitenbach Stra. 24-29, 13509 Berlin

Splendide International Models

Torstr. 41, 10119 Berlin

Fangfrisch GmbH berlin

Potsdamer Str. 83, 10785 Berlin

Jay Jay Models

Chemnitzer Str. 11, 12621 Berlin

Indeed Model Management

Frankfurter Allee 22, 10247 Berlin

1A Management

Händelallee 34, 10557 Berlin

Mega Model Agency

Reinhardtstraße 7, 10117 Berlin

Seal Models Berlin

Heimstraße 22, 10965 Berlin

  • Seal Models

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