The early bird! 80+ models, 4 websites, one weekend

Don’t they say the early bird catches the worm? If that’s the case, I’ll get the biggest one today. Hellas! For anyone who doesn’t know our advertising agency in Cologne, you may not be aware that we don’t actually start until 10am. There are several reasons for that, your head is a little clearer, the sun is shining and you had enough time to start the day. This is worth its weight in gold with all the demanding tasks we have between online marketing, online shops and content marketing. After so many days or better say weeks and months, with 4 parallel projects, the third time in a row: sport, cigarette, cafe from Backwerk and off we go! Ladies and gentlemen, it’s 7 o’clock. And I, am in the office!

4 projects, one month

In the past few weeks I have initiated some incredibly extensive projects between online marketing, media management and modeling agency – which have fortunately all been completed. Now it’s time to head into the summer with great ideas that will hopefully catapult us back to Pro7. Last week our team grew a bit more and we held our first really big casting. A whopping 11 new contracts came out in the end. I was surprised myself who was at the casting. Real talent, super tall, super beautiful and ideal for what we are planning with our model agency. Who would have thought that our model management idea from autumn 2014 would blossom like this today?

Now we have the salad

I have slept so little that I have been awake incredibly early for three days. Without an alarm clock, just like that. I ask myself (not really): Is my sleep rhythm disturbed? Am I suffering from burnout? Am I a disoriented Generation Y person? Am I wearing sweatpants? Am I lacking goals in life? … No wait, I’m getting up early for the first time in a long time! Meaning, am I now a valuable member of society! Am I now a role model? Am I 30 yet?

No. Whew. Neither.

What didn’t we get done last month? On the one hand, there was the new real estate portal for real estate agents and apartment seekers in Cologne and Düsseldorf, On the side, we advised two jewelry online shops and created websites for another online marketing agency. In addition, Meine Gemüsekiste, a pandon to Bonativo. A portal for accessories and on the side we planned our casting. On the side? No! The first real big casting for CM Models. With a luxurious 200 sqm in the Media Park, balcony and everything you could wish for. The first big one, where we met fantastic new people. We also help a little with the fashion show organization for ‘le bloc’ in cologne, a little crossmedia promotion and support at the casting for the catwalk and on 13.06.15, the day of the fashion show.

Advertising agency is called Champagne & Power

Now you might think that’s already four for a small agency, but there’s more. I have relaunched our own website, in a completely new, chic design, clear and with more detailed block system for help, tips and instructions. We have completely relaunched our model agency website. New design, new concept, new look and even new texts from a professional. This also allowed us to make incredible gains on Google’s search results ads: 400% increase. Our visitor numbers increased fourfold in the first 14 days, which alone through search engine optimized content and a search engine optimized design of the entire website can keep up in the online poker for ranking – despite small budgets compared to the dinos of the industry.

Is it over? No. Last week, people from the music industry happened to be standing in our office. It happened so fast, I didn’t think twice. Cologne, Hamburg… And then… Already it went into the promotion of the new music video of Wunderkind “Zungenkuss”. The video it to the kiss and we support here also on-line and digitally with our crossmedialen promotion options. Last but not least, we also did some new blood work and inaugurated three new blogs for up-and-coming bloggers. In addition, there was of course, as always, an extensive workshop, here in our office in Mediapark, with me and the World Wide Web from Affilates and Rankings for fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers.

My highlight: The model casting

Sunday was then the big highlight, the casting of our model agency. Many, really great models were there. Everything was perfectly organized, from the data sheets to the catwalk. Let’s go! Model after model stepped up to the catwalk. After that, a short introduction, books, posing. After that, Polaroids and photo shoots were taken to see where the strengths and opportunities were for each individual. With 6 wonderful people and a jury of four we mastered the day with flying colours. And I was more tired than ever.

I kind of went to sleep early and got up at 7 the next day. The day after that I was up that early again and this time even 6:30. And today… early. Very early. 5 a.m. But you can use the time wisely. So I did a little sport, smoked one or two cigarettes to compensate and was on my way to the office at half past six on the dot, answered the first emails and now wrote a blog. I am looking forward to vacation. You too?

It’s been a terrific month and I hope we have a great first summer. Ala #firstlove