Kampagne, Model im Karl Lagerfeld Look für Top 10 Modelagenturen Deutschland

Top10 Model Agencies Germany

There is an excellent model agency in every major German city. For young models, entering the business through a model agency is the surest way to success and in the big fashion magazines like Elle, Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar. From Munich to Berlin, Hamburg and Cologne there are many good agencies. My research therefore also took a little while, but it was worth it! After a few hours on Instagram, Facebook and Google, the decision is made! Here are the results of the top 10 model agencies in Germany that are trending in 2015. Want more? Here you can find all the good model agencies in Germany.

There are alwaystrends: But who decides what becomes a trend? Exactly: fashion designers & model agencies. So that everyone can get an overview, I have packed the research results once in a clear model agency top 10 list! Of course, there are countless other agencies for photo models, fashion models, catwalk, editorial, commercial, TV and Co. My list therefore refers to three decisive factors: influence of the agency, the Instagram account and the trends (through feeds, Facebook trends, etc.) – so new, exciting agencies also find their way into the charts. At the end, there are also more great tips for Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. But first, the trend charts:


Model agency: These agencies are trendy for young models

Louisa Models

Ebersbergerstr. 9, 81679 Munich


CM Models

Hansaring 1, 50670 Cologne


MC Fit Models

Saarbrücker Straße 36a, 10405 Berlin


Quantum Seven Model Management

Pasteurstraße 1a, 50735 Cologne, Germany


PMA Models

Semperstrasse 23, 22303 Hamburg



Almstadtstraße 7, 10119 Berlin


Iconic management

Hohe Bleichen 13, 20354 Hamburg


Mega Models

Kaiser-Wilhelm-Strasse 93, 20355 Hamburg


Most Wanted Models

Erika-Mann-Strasse 21, 80636 Munich


Place Models

Am Felde 29, 22765 Hamburg



Modeling & Become a Model

Everybody wants to be a model. Of course they do. But being a model doesn’t mean wearing nice clothes and just taking pictures. To become a top model you need ambition, commitment and versatility. You have to learn to market yourself, you have to be present and you have to have the right contacts. All this you get in a model agency. The basic requirement of a model is the figure, the face. But most importantly, you have to know how to use your talent. The famous “sparkle in the eye”, when you really burn for a cause. A model is also an entrepreneur. But with the right model agency at your side, you learn to move in the business. Therefore, it is essential to look for a professional model management.

Booker: Your agency for castings and jobs

Being part of a larger model roster gives you the chance to get bookings as a fashion model. In all good agencies there is a booker who takes care of you – he knows you, your sedcard, your book and your strengths. His/her job is to market you to the client. Bookers give you the time to focus on your job. They manage contractual details, your travel, accommodations and all transfers to the shoot location.

More tips from model agencies

Of course, there are many more interesting model agencies and managements on Instagram. That’s why I wanted to add five more agencies to the top 10 list. Here, too, a regular look at the Instagram account is worthwhile. In addition to various fashion shoots, you can also find new models, sedcards and video footage here. Here are a few tips:



Model Pool

Elisabethstr. 14 D-40217 Düsseldorf


Viva Models

Friedrichstraße 210, 10969 Berlin


Vivienne Models

Schmellerstr. 8, 80337 Munich


Munich Models

Siegfriedstrasse 17, 80803 Munich



Rothenbaumchaussee 1, 20148 Hamburg



Tips for your first agency and jobs

Conditions – How much commission does a model agency take?

Most model agencies take a commission of 20%. That is, if the model fee is 1000 euros, there is an agency commission (AP) of 200 euros for the customer. The booking is therefore a total of 1200 euros. Agency commission is incurred because model agencies must first invest in a model. Be it travel, accommodation, living expenses or even advances. In addition, there are photographer shoots for new faces and investments in time and management, sedcard creation or books. Therefore, it is also common that for international bookings higher commissions are incurred. These vary greatly, but are usually twice as high as nationally. It is important that a model agency invests in you – not you in the agency! Managements that demand money from you, in any form, are not serious. Period.

However, first shootings with photographers for Newfaces are quite normal. However, they are not paid in cash, but are pre-financed by your management and later offset against the first bookings.

Management: Step by step to the top model

Your model management provides contacts, castings and jobs. For a career as a model you should start early, with 14, 15 years and gain experience. School, training should always play priority, but you must always be aware that being a top model means investing a lot of time. Ideally, you should take a year, look for a large – or several small – agencies and try to organize your everyday life around the model life full-time. Because, for castings, bookings you often have to have spontaneous time and travel a lot. But with the right model management at your side, everything is organized.

Exclusive or not?

Exclusive contracts are only worthwhile for you if the agency has a reputation and is also trusted by other models. Because, an exclusive contract prohibits you as a model the cooperation outside the agency structures. If the booker doesn’t get you any jobs, you have no option for other jobs – because the booking rights lie exclusively with your agency. Therefore: keep your eyes open, ask models if they have any experience, do a little googling and ask directly for jobs and clients during the first meeting. Serious agencies will be able to give you clear goals. But: With the known agency, grab if you have the chance. Because, with an exclusive contract, the agency also invests more time in you, since the profit lies exclusively with them. A list can be found on vogue.de.

Social Media for Fashion & Lifestyle Agencies

Do you manage agencies? More information on how to present fashion, models, agencies and management on Instagram, Facebook & Co. can be found in my book: Social Media Marketing. Special highlights are Facebook Insights, target group targeting and content marketing. You can also find more tips on marketing in social networks in my new book “Social Media Marketing für Fashion & Label”, available in bookstores, on Amazon & Co.