Make money with Instagram

Many Instagrammers and bloggers wonder how to make money with their own Instagram account! In this way, Instagram is not much different from the industry giant Youtube. Youtube just had a little more time and was bought up by Google, who have since put a lot of effort into ensuring that Youtube remains the number one video portal. But there are also other big players among the social media platforms. Facebook not only took a stake in the messenger system Whatsapp, but also Instagram was bought up by Marc Zuckerburg’s media giant Facebook. When already billionaire companies invest in the expansion of a network, success is often not far away. Because even before the investment, the new divisional networks have proven that they have what it takes to do more. Instagram is therefore one of the networks for the future. Young users in particular spend a lot of time on it. Information and updates about friends, the favorite soccer club or the music star. Instagram is dominating everyday life more and more.

The difference with YouTube: Instagram is new, but advertising budgets are growing

What makes Instagram so brilliant and essentially different from Youtube – where most advertising money is paid so far – is the close connection of friends. Youtube tends to cater to users who are spontaneously looking for a medium. Instagram, on the other hand, unites friends, much like Facebook. So status updates are always relevant and people open the app solely because they don’t want to miss anything from their friends.

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