10% tipster commission Frankfurt (Mainz, Wiesbaden): 18 million villa – buyers for this and other villas

If you are looking for exclusive properties in Frankfurt am Main or have contacts in your network who are on the lookout for such offers, we have an exciting opportunity for you. Our referral program offers you the chance to benefit from a generous 10% commission. Contact us at any time using the contact details below.

Our exclusive off-market offers in Frankfurt & the surrounding area

Currently available in Frankfurt am Main.

Frankfurt luxury villas (2)

Our real estate portfolio regularly includes exclusive offers worth 18 million euros that are not publicly available on the market. These villas are suitable for both private use and rental purposes. We also offer the option of dividing them into individual units and selling them.

Do you have contacts who are looking for luxury villas in Frankfurt am Main?

Investment properties (5+)

We currently have 2 impressive luxury villas in the Frankfurt area in our portfolio. But that’s not all – we also present projects with a mixed-use approach. These represent prime investment opportunities and offer the chance to invest in residential and commercial real estate in Frankfurt am Main with a value of 4-20 million euros.

Our real estate experts have an extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the Frankfurt real estate market. This enables us to constantly find new offers that perfectly match our clients’ needs.

Benefit from our tipster program

What exactly is a tipster? A tipster is not a real estate agent, but a person who establishes contact between potential buyers and real estate sellers. If you give us a tip and this tip leads to a successful purchase, we will reward you with a generous commission.

Calculation of the 10% tipster commission

Suppose the purchase price for a property is 5 million euros and the commission is 2% of this purchase price:

Purchase price: € 5,000,000 Commission (2%): € 5,000,000 * 0.02 = € 100,000

The commission therefore amounts to 100,000 euros.

Now you want to calculate how much the tipster receives from this commission. You have indicated that the tipster will receive 10% of the commission:

Tipster commission (10%): 100,000 € * 0.10 = 10,000 €

The tipster commission is therefore 10,000 euros.

To summarize:

  • Purchase price: € 5,000,000
  • Commission: € 100,000
  • Tipster commission: €10,000

Win-win situation for seller, buyer and you

Our tipster program is a win-win situation. You help potential buyers find their dream property in Frankfurt am Main and earn an attractive commission at the same time.

If you would like more information about our referral program or have contacts who may be interested in our exclusive properties, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to working with you and realizing successful real estate transactions in Frankfurt am Main.