Stefanie Schädel – “Everyone-can-real-estate”: Real Estate Coaching, Video Courses & Speakings

Stefanie Schädel – Anyone can do real estate! That is the motto of real estate coach Stephanie Schädel and the name of her website. The real estate specialist and investor has made it her mission to help her clients achieve financial freedom through real estate investments. The financing specialist explains how to do this in her coaching sessions and books. You can find out what kind of coaching Stefanie Schädel offers here. You can find more coaches in this overview: Real Estate Coaching.

Stefanie Schädel: Real Estate Coach

Real estate specialist, – investor, entrepreneur and Diplom-Betriebswirtin Stefanie Schädel has acquired her real estate knowledge for over 20 years. With her website “Jeder-kann-Immobilien” she has been supporting especially beginners for years to successfully invest in capital investment real estate and thus earn a positive cash flow.

She shares her knowledge through various media such as YouTube, her website, online courses and coaching. She acquired this knowledge through quite a few closed real estate financings, involvement in over 1,000 real estate deals and years of personal consulting. She was also awarded the 2019 Black Bull Award for Real Estate Expert of the Year.

That’s what makes Stefanie Schädel:

  • Over 20 years of real estate experience
  • Qualified business economist & real estate specialist
  • Formerly a real estate agent and financing specialist
  • 2019: Black Bull Award as real estate expert of the year

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Offers, Coachings & Events

Stefanie Schädel’s offer is versatile. In addition to her coaching sessions, the former real estate agent shares her knowledge in video courses, eBooks and podcasts. She also offers her collected knowledge on her website. On Facebook, she shares her knowledge with her community. In addition, Stefanie Schädel can be found giving many talks at offline events and online conventions.

Stephanie Schädel offers two types of coaching, the quick version and the detailed version. The fast variant, also called “fire extinguisher”, is for all who have only a single concern or question about real estate. The total package is available in the real estate coaching success program. Here Stefanie Schädel’s clients receive personal, individual support throughout the entire real estate investment process.

This is what Stefanie Schädel offers:

  • Real estate coaching (quick or detailed)
  • Video courses (website)
  • EBooks
  • Facebook & Youtube Community
  • Lectures (online & offline)

Step-by-step video courses

Stefanie Schädel’s main product includes her real estate coaching through video courses available on her website. Topics such as cash flow real estate, real estate financing, renting and yield are covered. Depending on what you as a customer want to know, you can choose the appropriate video course.

These products are offered:

  • “The Cash Flow Formula” (Step-by-Step Implementation Video Course) – All-Inclusive
  • “Buying Cash Flow Real Estate” (step-by-step single video course).
  • “Financing insider knowledge” (step-by-step individual video course)
  • “Renting made easy” (step-by-step single video course)
  • “Real Estate Yield Calculator” (Excel Tool and Numbers Tool)
  • “Quick Start Guide: Making Money with Real Estate” (eBook guide and/or audiobook).
  • “Paper: How to find attractive cash flow properties” (PDF paper).
  • “Money Master Code” (video course with 7-day implementation plan).

Real Estate Coaching

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