Alex Fischer Assets: This is the number ALL want to know!

Alex Fischer Wealth – Of course, there is no bank statement online to look at, but there are a few key figures that Alex has sporadically revealed. Even if the question “how much money has Alex Fischer” is to be regarded with a wink, here are a few key figures about Alex Fischer Düsseldorf and his companies! 10 facts about “Alex Fischer’s fortune”. Tip! You also want people to search your name on Google and ask: How rich is he? How rich is she? Get Alex Fischer’s bestseller “Richer than the Geissens” here for free!

Who is Alex Fischer? Quickly explained

First of all, in general, if you know Alex Fischer only by hearsay. From the Alex Fischer Wiki.

Alex Fischer started his career in real estate as a broker of real estate and financing. By meeting experienced professionals, he learned the ups and downs of the real estate market and gained valuable experience. Over time, he founded his own wealth management consulting company and developed innovative concepts such as the “Self Paying Annuity” to help people live off rental income.

As a developer and investor, he made his own mistakes, but analyzed them thoroughly and developed valuable rules from them. Today, Alex Fischer is a respected real estate investor and mentor who shares his extensive knowledge and experience through seminars, publications and consulting to help others become successful real estate investors.

Alex Fischer today: investor, mentor, thinker

  1. Successful real estate investor
  2. Mentor and trainer
  3. Founder and Managing Director
  4. Expert for investment real estate
  5. Large community (YouTube alone 100,000+)

Successful real estate investor

Alex Fischer is a successful real estate investor and has built an impressive track record through his many years of experience in the real estate business and his in-depth knowledge of real estate investing. He shares his knowledge and experience as a real estate investor through seminars, workshops and publications to help others optimize and succeed in their own real estate investments.

Founder and Managing Director

Alex Fischer has founded and managed various companies in the real estate sector, including an asset consulting limited liability company and a property development company. He specializes in investment real estate and develops customized financing concepts and service packages to provide his clients with profitable investment opportunities.

Not to mention its huge community

More than one hundred thousand people follow him on YouTube alone. Alex Fischer is known for his YouTube channel and podcast, where he shares valuable insights and tips about real estate investing. His online community includes a large number of followers and viewers who benefit from his expertise.

For example, this is what the Live Masterclass looks like.

10 facts about Alex Fischer’s “fortune

10 Facts about Alex Fischer (Source: Alex Fischer Düsseldorf)

In 1996, he founded his first wealth management consulting company

With the foundation of his Vermögensberatungs GmbH in 1996, Alex Fischer laid the foundation for his career as an expert in asset accumulation and optimization.

In 1998 I then founded my first property development company

By founding his property development company in 1998, he expanded his field of activity and began to invest in the development and renovation of real estate.

Entrepreneurial activities and companies

In the meantime, Alex Fischer’s empire has grown a bit. This includes investments, real estate and asset management (source: North Data).

Supervision of over 2000 apartments in purchase and sale

Having managed the purchase and sale of over 2000 apartments, Alex Fischer has gained extensive experience in the real estate market, acting as both buyer and seller.

Example calculation

  • 1% from transaction volume
  • 320,000 euros (average in Germany)

Over 841 seminars held for customers and business partners

By conducting over 841 seminars for clients and business partners, he has shared his knowledge and expertise in the areas of real estate investing and wealth building and has helped numerous people with their financial goals.

Over 4000 course participants in tax coaching alone

With over 4000 course participants in tax coaching alone, Alex Fischer has had a major impact on his clients’ financial education and tax strategies, helping them optimize their tax burdens.

  • “5000, 10,000 or 15,000 euros must participants depending on the variant (‘silver’, vGold’ or ‘platinum’)”

Development of the “Small Real Estate Seminar” with over 253 implementations

The development of the “Small Real Estate Seminar” with more than 253 executions has enabled Alex Fischer to pass on his knowledge of the real estate market and successful investment strategies to a broad target group.

Management consulting and process optimization for real estate and non-real estate companies

Through his business consulting and process optimization for real estate and non-real estate companies, Alex Fischer has helped increase the efficiency and profitability of these companies and helped them achieve their business goals.

YouTube channel with over 100,000 subscribers

With his YouTube channel, which has over 100,000 subscribers, Alex Fischer has created a platform to share his knowledge and experience in wealth creation and real estate investing with a wide audience.

  • Per 100,000 views approx. 110 – 170 euros (“Between $2 and $12 per 1,000 views; Between $120 and $800 per 100,000 views; $1,200” [source: Thinkific])
  • 119,000 followers on YouTube (current)
  • Let’s say 10% watch the videos

Book seller “Richer than the Geissens” over 200,000 readers

As the author of the book“Reicher als die Geissens” (Richer than the Geisses), Alex Fischer was able to reach a large readership of over 200,000 people and provide them with valuable tips and strategies for financial success.

Conclusion: This is how much Alex Fischer earns

I don’t want to give a 1:1 calculation, but the examples above show Alex understands his business down to the last detail. The big question is:

Why not be financially successful yourself?

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