Tax coaching by Alex Fischer: Experience, taxes, subsidies & Co – knowledge for your assets

Tax coaching by Alex Fischer: My experiences from over 8 weeks of coaching & live events. I do not know how much I may anteasern in this small experience report at all from the tax coaching of Alex Fischer. However, today I want to give you a little insight into what you can expect in a tax coaching of such format: In the live events, at the beginning and end, as well as the knowledge base. Why? Many entrepreneurs like to push taxes far, far away from themselves. Wrong! Taxes are a matter for the boss. Welcome to the tax coaching of Alex Fischer.

Field report: AF Steuercoaching – Foreword

This article is being written live, I’m currently working on the last parts, after which the big closing event will take place at the end of October. That brings us directly to the important questions:

  • Why did I do the tax coaching?
  • When is tax coaching worthwhile?
  • Who takes part in such a coaching?
  • What are you learning?

To the question why I do this tax coaching, there is a clear answer: tax consultant. Like every entrepreneur I always thought: A tax consultant helps to save taxes. That’s not quite true. With every year that passed, I became more and more aware that only I can manage taxes myself. Let me explain why:

Basic problem: Tax consultant training

Did you know? The training of tax advisors is in the hands of the state. So what interest should the state have in training real “experts in taxes” – none. Every euro that is not paid in taxes is lost to the state. So tax advisors learn what is important for the administration. So tax design plays no role in tax advisor training. When you look at the examination areas, you quickly see as an experienced entrepreneur how simple the examination is in relation to real business life – which I didn’t really know until now.

Quickly explained: The examination areas of the tax consultant examination are defined by the Tax Consultancy Act (StBerG). If you take a close look at the contents of the tax consultant exam, you will see how general the topics are. These include: Business administration and accounting, economics and taxes on income and profit.

Through Alex Fischer’s tax coaching, I became truly aware of one fact as an entrepreneur:

You can’t delegate taxes

You have the greatest interest in low taxes as an entrepreneur.

Tax accountants aren’t trained to keep your taxes to a minimum. Your tax advisor can’t sit on your shoulder and go over every contract with you either. He or she doesn’t know your current situation. So your tax advisor can’t do the job of tax optimization.


Taxes are a matter for the boss

I want to know everything! How do the “big ones” structure their taxes?

Solution: Tax coaching from the expert (+ his experts)

If you want to have an overview of the topics and different voices about Alex Fischer’s tax coaching, then I can recommend the experiences of participants. On the site you will find many interviews from participants.

Alex Fischer, tax experts and an extremely, interesting pool of participants (from engineers to AG board members, more on that later). The first look at the opening of the start event:

Why did I do the AF tax coaching?

Learning the control game will be challenging. But it pays off. If you compare all the outputs in my businesses, the biggest item is: taxes. So when I heard about “Turning Taxes into Personal Wealth,” I was hooked. I’ve been following Alex Fischer for quite some time. His knowledge of real estate and finance has taken so much out of me, now I literally want to take it to the “next level” as well. That’s why I applied for AF Tax Coaching.

As I buy more and more things as a business owner, I pay taxes on them, more and more. At the end of the day, taxes are the biggest expense item for me.

Add up all the taxes and you’ll be amazed. So why should I optimize small things in business when I can optimize the big & whole? The lever that has the biggest effect on my wealth: taxes.

The purpose and form of the acquisition are the reason for how acquisitions are handled for tax purposes. With the knowledge gained from tax coaching, you can set up companies and corporations in such a way that they are tax-optimized.

That means you’re actively directing tax preparation, and more importantly, you’re providing the right impetus to your tax advisor. Or as Alex says:

Learn to play the tax game!

What I want: Expertise from experts.

His “art” is to bring different experts together and translate their sometimes complicated “tax-speak” for us. At the live event, I was also able to ask the ideal experts questions. But let’s start with the basics, you don’t know the coaching yet.

Alex Fischer (opening), live on the speaker stage:

At the end of the event: personal inquiries, conversations and even more tips from really, very, very interesting participants. I’m still in contact with some of them today, and a new project on our part has even developed from the meeting:

Who takes part in the coaching?

I’ve already told you about that goal: To set up firms and companies in such a way that they are tax-optimized. The contents of the tax coaching are one point, another is the community. Parallel to the knowledge you will get to know two groups of people at two live events:

  1. Experts from Alex Fischer that you would otherwise never be able to call on
  2. And other participants entrepreneurial high level.

The experts allow questions, which I found very convenient because it allowed me to ask some questions that are very specific to my businesses right at the launch event.

On the other hand, you have the other participants on site who are also very active entrepreneurially. Keyword: exchange of experience. Here you meet even more insider knowledge and also vitamin B, i.e. valuable contacts, as well as board members, lawyers, master craftsmen and doctors: Apart from the experts, this is another bonus that I was very happy about, as I made two very good contacts here for my projects.

This means that the two events at the beginning and end of the AF Tax Coaching ensure that the extensive knowledge is permanently anchored in your head and in your company structure.

As described at the beginning, it is actually the case that you have to apply for tax coaching. This is not a gimmick, this is where they sort out. A friend, even in the smarthpone e-commerce, also wanted to the tax coaching, he had not yet the right requirements.

It also means that if you get accepted, you’ll be in good company.

  • Entrepreneurs*
  • Attorneys
  • Tax advisors
  • Master roofers
  • Architects
  • Real estate investors
  • Financial intermediaries
  • Engineers
  • Doctors
  • But also craft professions such as master bakers, tilers and mechanics

The mix of participants and the simultaneously demanding level of content, expert talks and participants makes the unique mix of tax coaching. In my experience, unique in Germany. This is also how many of the others saw it. You can also find a few more comments about the coaching here: Tax coaching experiences.

Engineer, real estate investor, master baker, karate school owner, lawyer… each participant brings once again very special know-how.

After the event: More expert tips in smaller rounds:

Why Alex Fischer? Self-made, with all the tricks of the trade

You’ve learned a lot of general stuff about tax coaching now. Once again, everything summarized at a glance:

  • Start Event (with Alex Fischer and experts)
  • Online knowledge base
  • Final event (with Alex Fischer and his experts)

Who’s Alex Fischer?

Briefly about Alex Fischer: He himself is a real estate investor. And he’s self-made. That is so important to me. Especially when I attend further education and training courses. As a managing director, I don’t have much time, so I need condensed specialist knowledge.

If you’ve done it yourself, you know all the challenges, tips and tricks.

Those who have “only” inherited something often do not understand the matter in detail. Back to Alex Fischer. Who follows my blog longer, knows that I have often reported on videos of Alex as a real estate investor. Increasingly, however, financial structures and taxes are becoming important to me. That’s why I took a look at Alex Fischer’s Next Level Tax Coaching, so that I could make my own experiences.

Here’s my little “insider” report!

I have already told you a lot about Alex Fischer. For example, about his book “Reicher als die Geissens” (Richer than the Geisses) or his Youtube Channel, which is now followed by over 100,000 people, on the subject of real estate and finance! I can also recommend my article on money, finance, cash flow: Experiences of Alex Fischer and of course real estate, taxes & wealth, in which I also explain to you how US President Trump legally pays only $750 in taxes or how the Springer CEO received a share package of almost 1 billion as a gift, and that “largely tax-free”.

If you want some metrics, here’s a short bio:

Alex Fischer has been a real estate investor and entrepreneur for 25 years. He has bought, renovated and resold more than 2,000 apartments in his lifetime. He owns a private real estate portfolio of 20,000 square meters in and around Düsseldorf. He started out as the son of two teachers, with 0 equity.

  • 2,000 + apartments bought, refurbished & sold
  • Private real estate portfolio of 20,000 m²
  • Start with 0 Euro equity

Ale Fischer talking to us guests during a short break for the refresh:

Insider report: Tax coaching from A-Z

Finance should be done by professionals. As explained in the foreword or introduction, I have been relying on Alex as a self-made real estate investor (if you want to know more, millionaire) for quite some time. He knows how to properly combine, firm up residential units to get the most effective tax rate out of them. More importantly though, the coaching doesn’t focus on property owners. It’s about the global issue: taxes.

Even the first week consists of many, individual modules such as “Tax traps” and “Tax basics”, but also already “Types of tax structuring”.

Types of tax structuring? Now it gets interesting.

Procedure: 8 weeks course units

Eight weeks? Yes, and believe me, you’ll need it. The tax coaching is so packed with information that you can sweat even if you are an experienced manager. Here are a few details. What do many people like? Cars! For example, you’ll first learn how to tax your car. Without the one-percent-rule and without having to keep a logbook. This is just a very, very small example from the beginnings of tax coaching.

The goal: The more you have learned, the better you can organize your business structure, the lower the tax and the risk your assets will automatically grow due to the enormous tax savings.

You will also learn how to protect your assets against insolvency. You will learn how to structure real estate in a tax-optimized way. You will also learn how you can optimise inheritance and gift tax, especially on large assets, so that virtually no tax is due.

I won’t bore you with my “dry headlines” now though.

Is this serious? Is such a tax arrangement legal?

You’ve probably heard it a few times. There is a lot of criticism of online courses, understandably. Why I learn from Alex Fischer (among others), I’ve already explained in other articles. For example, because he’s been publishing Youtube videos on real estate, finance, and taxes for over 5 years. With that material alone, you can lock yourself in and learn for weeks. The AF tax coaching is then for entrepreneurs, self-employed, freelancers, but also entrepreneurial employees.

Therefore, I’m not about selling you tax coaching. If you want to learn for free, visit Alex Fischer on YouTube. But if you have exceeded a “certain” annual income, you know why you need tax tips from the expert.

Your tax advisor won’t give it to you – can’t!

But if you should think now: “What kind of nonsense is that?”, then believe me: It is one hundred percent true and has nothing to do with windy design possibilities, nothing to do with dubious capital investments. Of course, that is also part of this coaching, but that is only one of many small components, says Alex Fischer.

As I said, if you are accepted here in the member area and meet individual members from the community personally at one of the 2 live events, you know about the quality, not only of the content, but also of the participants. As a reminder, it is mainly entrepreneurial people with whom you can talk at a high level.

This about that.

Understanding taxes: Steering Purpose, Subsidies – Example Week 1

If you think that some of these arrangements are illegal, I can assure you that the opposite is the case. The online tax coaching of Alex Fischer does not use tax loopholes! You learn in the online course to tackle targeted promotions that the legislator wants to promote.

From Alex Fischer, you’ll learn that taxes don’t just have the purpose of funding the government. There is another purpose:

There is the so-called steering purpose, so that payment flows are directed to where the state or the EU want them to be, and there is the so-called redistribution purpose. This is about redistributing funds specifically from areas that are not so desirable to areas that are desirable, such as housing construction. Or away from alcopops, that would be the alcopops tax, or away from tobacco, that would be the tobacco tax, towards more housing construction, towards more investment, towards photovoltaics, for example.

Why your tax advisor is also more of an “administrator” than a “creator”, you will learn at the beginning of the coaching.

The part “Understanding taxes” is part of the module “How the tax game works”. I would love to tell you more, but as you can see: content, lots of content.

Insight: Course start and tax structuring entry

Week 1 in tax coaching, these are the topics at a glance:

  • How the tax game works
  • Origin & purposes of taxes
  • Which taxes bring in the most revenue?
  • Designing taxes is the game…
  • Convert taxes & duties into private assets
  • Save taxes as an employee / self-employed person / entrepreneur
  • How to enjoy the tax privileges of being self-employed as an employee….

This is merely the entry, into the entry – can you put it that way?

Tax, entrepreneurial and investment know-how

The big question is: What are we even allowed to tell from AF tax coaching?

First of all: You get information at a high rate. That is, each new module, each further lesson expands your own, tax knowledge in combination with entrepreneurial know-how and the knowledge of a real estate investor. Accordingly, 3 areas are addressed. Now “just like that” to “knock out” a few tips from the coaching would not do justice to the demanding structure of the tax coaching.

But, uh…

This combination of knowledge is so incredibly powerful.

Tax coaching is not only about “saving taxes”, but also about the topics:

  • Asset building
  • Asset crediting
  • Asset protection
  • Asset transfer
  • … and also about investments

In short, you will be able to:

  • Build up assets
  • Leverage assets
  • Collateralize assets
  • Transfer property

Example: Building up assets through tax deferrals

May we reveal this (legal) trick?

Don’t tell anyone!

Here is a small example of why saving taxes alone is not effective and why it is so important that you have a holistic knowledge of taxes, entrepreneurship and investments:

Did you know you can build a small fortune by shifting taxes?

In the online knowledge base, Alex Fischer tells the following:

“I used to think that tax deferrals were just a ‘nice-to-have’ if you’re not that liquid right now. But in fact, tax deferrals in Germany are an incredible wealth-building accelerator.”

If you’re shifting your tax burden to save money to spend on personal expenses, that’s obviously not productive.

If you invest the money in your business, there’s already nothing wrong with it.

But things get really interesting when you use the free cash from the tax deferral to use that money as equity in an investment that:

  1. Largely financed by the bank,
  2. A lucrative return generated
  3. Saves you a lot of taxes on top of that.

One of his tax expert friends always says: “Tax shifts used correctly are the license to print money in Germany”.

Press: More experiences from tax coaching

If you want to read a little more about coaching, it’s best to just Google“Alex Fischer tax coaching experience“. Alternatively, I have a few links to other testimonials.

link list: Press on tax coaching

Conclusion: Taxes are a matter for the boss

At the event, I asked: In the last 12 months, just over 2,500 entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers have gone through tax coaching. I could tell you about the other participants and their experiences. But as we all know, pictures say more than 1,000 words. If you want to see more testimonials (videos and interviews), check here:

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