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Reach and network – What is the current status? How many people, visitors and readers have we reached this year? We have cracked the 250,000 visitors! Many, many thanks for your trust. Here’s a little insight into our current visitor numbers for real estate and finance.

Target group: Real estate and finance

This year we have finally reached the quarter of a million, in such a specialized field as real estate sales, purchase, valuation and finance. This year we will continue to work on new and interesting topics. Quite new, for example, are already what is a partial sale? Or also, how does real estate crowdinvesting work?

Visitors 2021:

255,372 + people / year, in German-speaking countries alone

As of 02/2021, Google Analytics (, at the beginning of the year:

Increase from 7.61 % / month

The big goal:

From real estate beginner to professional

We want to turn beginners and newcomers into real estate professionals.

Until the first notary appointment, for example for the first condominium and further, until the multi-family house or apartment portfolio!

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Here’s another tip for construction companies and developers:

You want to apply new construction?

Developers with larger properties, estates and facilities also have another unbeatable advantage: our in-house real estate magazine with over 1 million readers a year. So we can present real estate, in the year over 1.25 million people.

  • Reach, ~ 250,000 / year
  • Reach, ~ 1 million / year

Range Real Estate Advisor + Real Estate Magazine:

1.25 million people / year, in German-speaking countries alone

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