Heating with wood: logs, pellets, energy efficiency, costs + video

Heating with wood – There is a lot of ignorance and unanswered questions around this topic. As an alternative to gas and petroleum, more people are again using wood to heat their homes and for hot water. Although many people consider burning wood to be more expensive and more harmful to the environment, it is actually the exact opposite. Wood is currently the cheapest and most environmentally friendly way to heat buildings. Find the perfect heating system for your home.

Heating with wood at a glance

This method of heating is environmentally friendly because of the neutral CO2 balance that results from the fact that the wood does not emit more carbon dioxide during combustion than the tree absorbs during its lifetime. Cost-effective is this method, since once the fuel is very favorable in the purchase and on the other hand due to the possible promotions for wood heatings. If you decide to heat with wood, you can choose between wood chips, wood briquettes or wood pellets.

When making this decision, you should consider whether you want to heat a single room with a stove or a fireplace or whether you want to heat with a modern wood central heating system. The single room heating is mostly called comfort or additional heating and is mostly used next to the normal heating, hence the name.

  • Alternative to gas and oil
  • Neutral CO2 balance
  • Favourable raw material prices
  • Subsidies possible
  • Single room firing or wood central heating

Heating with fireplace & stove fireplace?

A fireplace provides relaxation, a sense of well-being and warmth. That’s why it’s not surprising that fireplaces and other stoves are at the top of the wish list of homeowners. Especially on cold days, there is nothing better than snuggling up in front of a crackling fireplace bursting with warmth and enjoying the time. There are many different types of fireplaces. From open and closed to tiled or pellet stoves that all have advantages and disadvantages.

Firewood & Fireplace Wood Storage – Larger quantities of firewood, are often stored on properties. The garden or a barn are often used for storage. Larger quantities of firewood, once stored on a property, must be stored in a fire-safe location.

How heating with wood works

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