Alternative energies are inexhaustibly available

Alternative energy – Alternative energy is the generation of energy with inexhaustible or quickly reproducible means. Some very well-known examples are solar energy, wood heating, geothermal energy or biogas. In the normal real estate trade alternative energies have a small relevance. If you get the electricity or the energy from the green energy provider, alternative energies are completely irrelevant, an increased relevance exists as soon as the electricity is generated itself. Whether it is worthwhile to purchase such costly equipment should be assessed by an expert in the respective property, as it is not always advisable as a general rule.

Alternative energies at a glance: non-consumable sources

  • Environmentally friendly energy resources
  • Partially subsidised by the state
  • Different energies: solar energy, biodiesel, dams, wind farms …
  • Efficiency should be assessed by the expert
  • Only relevant for own electricity generation

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